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Scan for insight into data-driven practices

Take our ‘Scan for Data-Driven Insights’ in 10 minutes to gauge your organization’s maturity and identify areas for fact-based decision improvements.

How does the Scan for data-driven working work?

Data-driven working requires more from an organization than having data or a single person who can use it. Our experience shows that if organizations really want to gain value from data and thereby achieve business goals, this requires effort or change in all organizational aspects.
In our projects we help organizations in all these aspects and we have incorporated these experiences into the scan that makes a statement about where your organization stands in the field of Vision and strategy – to what extent is there a vision and strategy in the field of data & analytics?

  • People – from both analytics and business perspectives
  • Organization – do we have the right structure and culture?
  • Process – how are we going to make it work and gain better insights?
  • Resources – what should we do in terms of the data itself and the associated technology?

By completing the questionnaire you will gain insight into where you stand per aspect and it will become clear in which areas the greatest improvement is possible.

In order to work data-driven successfully , it is important that all organizational aspects are developed in coherence and balance. If you succeed in this as an organization, the right steps will be taken in the maturity of data-driven working.

How data can work for your organization, how to arrive at an appropriate approach and successful implementation of these steps is the core of our services.

The results of the scan are a good starting point for an introduction in which we would like to introduce you to our approach to data-driven working.

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