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About us

Discover the essence of Cmotions and how our core values guide our actions

The increasing amount of information and the means to collect and analyze that information: it is making data more accessible, relevant, and purposeful than ever. That increasing flow creates a future full of new opportunities and possibilities. It also offers room for better results in all facets of your organization.

At Cmotions, we know better than anyone that data can help you to grow and do business

And harnessing that potential is our specialty. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to unlock, analyze, enrich, and monetize the data flows in your organization. Together, we will make your business ready for the next step.​

By themselves, data and technology do not make your organization more successful

People do: you, your employees, and your partners. Together, we create the right insights to help you make fact-based decisions and build a solid foundation to move forward. This is how you realize your own ambitions with a focus on sustainable results for the future​.

Cmotions is not just another data consultancy company

We're not boring, we're certainly not predictable, and we certainly don't just employ nerds. Actually, we are quite a fun, young company with lots of smart people who have a sense of humor and are also people-oriented and social

Everyone contributes in his or her own way, from their own individual talents and strengths.

What brings us together and binds us together are four shared core values:

Personal leadership: you are responsible for your own success and your continuous personal development. We encourage and empower colleagues to take responsibility for their work, make decisions, and contribute to our collective success.
Human connection: in an online world, we value offline relationships. Whether with our customers, partners, or colleagues, we invest in meaningful relationships built on trust, respect, and empathy. We believe strong relationships foster collaboration, creativity, and lasting partnerships. A good relationship where you feel heard and seen, and have the confidence to speak up, even when it’s difficult.
Entrepreneurship: entrepreneurship is in our DNA. We approach challenges with an entrepreneurial spirit and look for opportunities for growth and innovation in everything we do. We encourage our team members to think creatively, take calculated risks and embrace change as a source of inspiration. For example, we have “Project Fridays”: doing things we are excited about that don’t necessarily generate business. For example: facial recognition programming on our coffee machine
Social commitment: this extends beyond the walls of our office (or our annual report). Cmotions has a partnership with Analytics for a Better World (ABW) and provides its knowledge and expertise on data-driven, societal projects. Examples include more efficient removal of plastic from the ocean, better and faster aid for people in need, improving the placement and availability of e.g. water wells or healthcare stations, and ensuring proper food distribution.

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