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Data solutions

Explore the power of data

Put your organization to the test with our data scan and target-to-data model, accelerate your ability to be data-driven with our business accelerator, or get inspired by our team building data events!

Data Scan

Gauge your organization’s maturity and identify areas for fact-based decision improvements.

Target-to-data model

As dedicated data professionals, we take great pride in sharing our insights.

Business Accelerator

Within three months we will accelerate on one concrete marketing objective using your current data and systems.


All our knowledge and experience bundled into the field of advanced analytics and data science.

Data Game

Experience the transformative power of data-driven insights.


Ready for an afternoon with your team filled with fun and knowledge sharing. Then join our hackathon. Every year we organize this free public event. Are more in need of internal team building, we can also organize your very own in-company hackathon.

Project Friday: Self Driving Cars

Looking for a fun way to make your data community more connected? With our Project Friday, they will work in teams to optimize their own self-driving car. Of course, we end with a race between the teams, who trains the fastest car?

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Transform your data into action to unlock your full potential.

Explore our innovative data solutions

Our narratives transcend case studies, demonstrating our expertise.

Get inspired by the power of data

Explore our test center and data solutions.

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