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The Digital Neighborhood is a community of 13 companies, focused on all things Microsoft, data, and the cloud. At Cmotions, we know better than anyone that data can help you to grow and do business. And harnessing that potential is our specialty. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to unlock, analyze, enrich, and monetize the data flows in your organization. Together, we will make your business ready for the next step.​ By themselves, data and technology do not make your organization more successful. People do: you, your employees, and your partners. Together, we create the right insights to help you make fact-based decisions and build a solid foundation to move forward. This is how you realize your own ambitions with a focus on sustainable results for the future​.

The Digital Neighborhood is a growing community of 11 independent tech companies. Focused on Microsoft services, we’re experts in data, applications, the cloud, and business intelligence. All proudly independent. All seamlessly connected. We all share the same approach. Forging strong, personal partnerships, we call on each other’s specialist expertise to help your business embrace what’s next, realize your digital ambitions, and stay ahead in a changing world.

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True is the managed hosting provider for the fastest, best and most secure digital solutions. Their purpose is to maximize the scale of the ambitions of their Trueligans, customers and partners with digital technology, so that they get the best out of themselves and the world. 

With 20+ years of know-how and experience, their managed services enable organizations to develop their webshops, websites and apps faster. What do they get out of bed for? The best performance, conversions and continuity of digital services. True offers managed hosting, managed Azure, managed Kubernetes and DevOps services, among others.

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