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Life at Cmotions

Not just the standard Friday afternoon drinks. At Cmotions, you can count on monthly fun & entertaining activities, committed colleagues who always want to help you, and a place where you get the space to experiment and develop.

Connection & fun

At Cmotions, we believe in doing great work when you experience connection and fun.

As a data consultancy, we not only enjoy doing great projects with clients, but it is also important that you can share your knowledge and passion with colleagues. Some of these initiatives include:


The Analytics Lab

Also known as the nerdy, edgy playground or, in other words, “where the real magic happens.” Data scientists put their knowledge & skills to work on whatever they come up with: a coffee machine with facial recognition or a Power BI escape room. The possibilities are endless.


Cmotions Interest Area’s (CIA)

Cmotions Interest Areas (CIA), are groups of like-minded consultants who share a passion for a specific area within the realm of data. These interest areas are diverse and span a wide range of specialisms, from data science and artificial intelligence to data strategy. The aim is simple: to create a platform where our talented professionals can come together, spar with colleagues who share their interests, and collectively think and act on innovative ideas.



Friday afternoon drinks, but with substance. Cases are presented, questions are solved and very, very possibly it is done over a beer.



The place where you can make sure that your brilliant thoughts are documented! Equipo consists of a group of consultants and staff who share a passion for their field within the world of data, and who want to share their knowledge with their peers. Together, we write articles, give each other feedback, and share those articles with the world.


Personal coaching

when you want and need it to ensure your wellbeing and optimal development.

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Career at Cmotions

We take pride in investing in our colleagues to shape their futures. Learn how we do it here.

Life at Cmotions

Expect monthly fun activities, supportive colleagues, room to experiment, and flexible remote work.

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