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Career @ Cmotions

You’re interested in pursuing a career in Cmotions, fantastic! This page will tell you all about what we expect from you, and what you can expect from us.

Yes, I want to become a data scientist...!

A career in data science and AI is inspiring and varied. At Cmotions, we expect a lot from you: you’re analytically strong, you’re interested in our clients, you dare to use your creativity, and moreover, you find it essential to have a positive impact on clients and our society.

Because we expect a lot from you, we would like to invest in you and your future. The way we do that depends partly on your preferences, on what suits you, but also on what you want to excel in. Career development within Cmotions is, therefore, 100% customized.

Becoming a top expert

If you really want to become a top expert in the field of data science and AI and its methods and techniques, we will do everything to realize that ambition with you. This means not only critically examining which assignments you will do and with which clients but also what kind of in-depth knowledge is appropriate.

Becoming a top consultant

If you want to become a ‘trusted advisor,’ then in addition to substantive development, it also means having an eye for the implementation of data science and AI at our clients. As a consultant, we teach you how to have an impact on customers, how to overcome resistance, and – in other words – how to make data science work for clients by guiding them in the process of becoming more data-driven.

Becoming a top program manager

We often carry out extensive and complex data science programs for clients. Leading a team is crucial in this regard. This can involve specialists from us but also from the client. Management skills combined with expertise in the subject matter are of great importance here. With us, you can develop into a manager of projects, programs, and teams combined with the necessary data science and AI knowledge.

We are proud of our colleagues, and we show this by investing in you and working on your future. Within Cmotions, we have the following career paths: from junior to principal consultant. In addition, within these roles, we have different positions.

Unique traineeship

At Cmotions, we also offer a unique traineeship. In a small class with lots of personal attention, we train you to become a junior data consultant within just seven weeks.

Optimal development

As you develop in level, you will also work on increasingly complex and strategic projects with clients. Everything to ensure your optimal development!

Your interests

We also look at your interests. For example, if you enjoy presenting or giving training, we also look for ways to use this. Thus, consultants also train our trainees, who participate in our Talent Program and regularly give guest lectures…

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Career at Cmotions

We take pride in investing in our colleagues to shape their futures. Learn how we do it here.

Life at Cmotions

Expect monthly fun activities, supportive colleagues, room to experiment, and flexible remote work.

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