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Who and what are The Analytics Lab?! 👀

We are data scientists

The Analytics Lab is part of Cmotions. At our lab we work with professional and enthusiastic data scientists, who use their cloud-based environment with innovative tooling for all kinds of experiments. The possibilities are endless!

What we do

Our goal is to help you experiment with the ideas you have, build a business case, and convince others of the usability 🦾 of your idea 💡

What we offer

Accelerate your data

Grow and accelerate

Unlock your potential and grow with us, using cutting edge AI technology in collaboration with our experts.

Off-the-shelf solutions

Tap into 20 years of expertise with ready-to-use solutions that power your data-driven success.

Projects and events

Experience innovation and fun with data science & AI, through inspiring and engaging events.

Explore our lab


Explore our workshops, round tables, and legendary hackathons. Find details on our upcoming activities here.


Explore our blog for quick, engaging insights on the latest trends. Connect, be inspired, and stay informed!


Discover our latest projects: all in one place. Get inspired by our innovative projects!

Want to know more?

Come visit

Kosterijland 40
3981 AJ Bunnik

KvK: 320.896.26


Contact us

+31 (0)33 258 28 30

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