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Projects and partnerships

Do you have multiple data projects and not sure where to start? With a partnership, we can solve your challenges through our long-term support.

Data & analytics as a service

Cmotions Blue is the project-driven organization of Cmotions which means we offer a subscription service to start and keep improving your data organization, or to continuously improve your current data environment.


Aimed at keeping your data products running smoothly. Our team provides continuous monitoring to identify and resolve any issues before they disrupt your operations. We offer prompt bug resolution to ensure the stability of your environment, and our technical assistance is just a call away for expert support, a nswering your questions and providing technical guidance.


This is your solution for continuous development to your data fundament. We integrate new tables from existing data sources, enriching your analytics potential. Cost reduction and performance optimization are also included in the service.


We implement, improve, and adapt business rules to represent company-wide definitions. With dashboard enhancements an improved data visualization and reporting experience is realised, and we create a business-wide data model and data dictionary.


A full analytics improvement journey, from integrating new data sources to managing full data pipelines and crafting advanced dashboards. We act as a proactive sparring partner, engaging in discussions about data-driven decision-making with your team.


Collaborate with us for strategic data partnership to define and realize your data roadmap and strategic goals. We have off the shelf training programs covering data engineering, data visualization, data science, and more. Our data science expertise extends to developing and applying machine learning models in existing business processes. Advice on data governance, data security, data management, is also included.

Cmotions Blue


Subscriptions are aimed at continuously supporting an organization with their data needs, for a longer period. We will reserve time in advance based on the tier you choose, which guarantees continuous development of your data driven organization. Required expertise is swapped in and out based on demand, ensuring all aspects of the data value chain are improving. There are several levels, each with their own key offerings. Lower levels are aimed at monitoring, support, and small changes, whereas higher levels will include dashboard development, data science, and strategic guidance.


+ Monitoring & Support
4 hours / mo


+ Monitoring & Support + Data pipeline additions & improvements
8 hours / mo


+ Monitoring & Support + Data pipeline additions & improvements + Business value additions & improvements
16 hours / mo


+ Monitoring & Support + Data pipeline additions & improvements + Business value additions & improvements + Full analytical partner
40 hours / mo


+ Monitoring & Support + Data pipeline additions & improvements + Business value additions & improvements + Full analytical partner + Strategic data partner
80 hours / mo


Cmotions offers a specialized service focused on delivering substantial value within a condensed timeframe. Projects encompass fixed scopes, determined either upfront or through thorough business and information analysis. A dedicated team with the necessary expertise is reserved, ensuring timely project completion. The pricing is fixed and determined based on factors like speed, complexity, and resource demands, providing transparency and predictability for clients seeking solutions such as data platforms, dashboards, or machine learning models.

Data Platform

Complete dataplatform to be used by an analuytical team
1 month


A management dashboard to be used for data driven decision making
3 weeks

Machine Learning

Predictions of the likelihood a customers will leave (churn)
1.5 months

Data Science

Direct estimation of likelihood of fraud when a client submits an insurance claim
3 months

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Saving on personnel costs by directing HR questions to a chatbot
2 months
Principal consultant

Thijs van der Velden

+31 (0)6 12 39 74 18

Do you have data challenges within your organization? Cmotions Blue can help you with a project- or partnership setup.

+31 (0)6 12 39 74 18

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