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Your data to create a great place to work the best possible care a sustainable business a better future

Your data to create a better future

Creating a better future with data

The increasing amount of information and the means to collect and analyse that information: it is making data more accessible, relevant and purposeful than

Expertise Areas

What we do best

Data science & AI

Our data scientists help you make sense of the data you’ve collected, making it possible to automate tasks, discover patterns and make predictions, ultimately enabling data-driven decision-making.

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Data Management

If you want to be a data driven company, you need to get your data management basics right. It is now generally accepted that data is not a technical thing in itself. Data should be seen as an economic asset for any organization and hence be managed as such. This is where sound data management comes in and where Cmotions can make a difference.

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Data Strategy

Data-driven work requires more than intelligent tools and nifty analysts. The connection between strategy, data, and people must be made at all organizational levels and disciplines.  Cmotions helps organizations address this in a targeted and step-by-step manner, and offers the guidance to do so independently as well.
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What we offer

Projects and Partnerships

Next to consultancy, we also offer data & analytics as a service. Cmotions Blue is the project-driven organization of Cmotions that will alleviate your burdens. We optimize the potential of your data by expertly managing your data challenges, on a project basis or we go for the long run and team up with a partnership.


Do you find yourself wanting to extract valuable insights and opportunities from your data, yet face limitations in terms of both time and human resources? No need to worry, because we are here to offer our expertise and support for any data-related challenges you encounter. Feel free to get in touch with us; we are committed to addressing your specific data needs.

Talent Program

Seeking the next generation of data professionals for your organization? Through our Talent Program, we cultivate and train promising candidates in comprehensive data disciplines.


Our consultants are passionate about their work and more than happy to share their knowledge. The Cmotions Academy offers a wide range of training and education, ranging from customised in-house training to individual training for students and young professionals, aimed at improving both analytical and soft skills.

What our clients say about us

It has been very good to be able to conceptualize what being data driven entails, and all the knowledge gained has already helped us become better both because of the subconscious knowledge applied and the specific goals developed.

Anoushka Skaar NordbyCRM Analyst

The collaboration with Coen van der Snoek (Cmotions) was very enjoyable. He conveyed his experience and expertise in a pleasant manner in our organization and was an active and reliable partner in finding solutions and improvements.

Caro JehoulCRM Analyst

As a part of our digital journey we acknowledged that we did not need to find more data but we could be better equipped to produce and clean the data needed for the business. Preferably in a technology stack closer to our CE digital platform and more efficiently than before.

Hilmar KarlssonCIO / Senior manager for Business Processes and IT

A partnership with Cmotions was the right choice. For a fixed monthly fee, we now always have the right expertise available to us to constructively build on our future, while the day-to-day operational strength is also increased.

Janina KroeseManager business intelligence at Longfonds

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