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We are happy to admit that we are really big nerds who love to play around with data and code. Due to this hobby we have a lot of (big and small) fun projects. We couldn’t resist sharing some of our projects with you. Enjoy!

Using Reinforcement Learning to play Snake

Oh nostalgia! Remember, our old little Nokia phones, playing snake for hours and hours. Well, we felt like traveling back in time, but with a glance of today’s technology. That is why we decided it would be fun to use reinforcement learning to teach our computer to play snake.

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Beatles Lyrics Generator

In 1964, the Beatles released their iconic song “I Want to Hold Your Hand”. Since then, the Fab Four have become one of the most influential bands in music history. Now, fifty years later, you can generate your own Beatles lyrics using AI. Join us, as we dive into how AI can be used to generate text, with a focus on music lyrics, Beatles styles of course.

Monitoring your models in production (Model Drift)

Predictive models used in business processes are prone to loose their business value over time. This can be due to model drift or a result of unforeseen side-effects of automatically retraining the model. Here we explain what model drift is and why (automatic) retraining can be a good way to deal with it. And we discuss reasons why retraining should be done with care, since it can also have unanticipated effects. Most of all, we advocate to closely monitor and set up alerting to track performance of your models and we provide tips on how to do that.

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The Data Science workflow

Let us guide you through the decisions we make on daily basis as Data Scientist. Along the way we show you why different people would make different decisions and what they could learn from each other.

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Forecasting (post-covid) Dutch marriages

Wondering how many new outfits you’ll need for all the (postponed) weddings you’ll be invited for now that covid no longer forces us to cancel everything? Let us help you, check out the time series model we’ve created to predict the number of (postponed) weddings in 2022.

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Can you escape our Power BI Escaperoom?

Why use Power BI yo build dashboards if you can also use it to build an escaperoom… Do you have what it takes to escape? We dare you! No Power BI skills needed.

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Looking for a new book? Try our book recommender

On the lookout for a new book, but don’t know where to start? Let us guide you through how to use your personal reading history to build a book recommender and get the “next best book” to read.

Deepfaking myself in the office

Completely fed up with all these online meetings? We have the solution for you, just deepfake yourself into the meetings, and let your colleagues interact with your online personality, while you get to empty your to do list.

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Put NLP to use in your predictive models

How to uncover the predictive potential of textual data by using topic modeling, word embeddings, transfer learning and transformer models in R.

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Easy (business) insights in your predictive models? Try modeplotR/modelplotPy

Check out the modelplot package (available in R and Python) to help you visualize the business value of your predictive models. The fast and easy way to convince others that your models add value to the business.

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Need a personal assistant? Meet our Willybot

Our very own assistant, this little robot can take minutes at your meeting, get you a coffee, a sandwich and even throw you a party! Don’t miss out on the best way to make your meetings fun again.

Handsign recognition with Python

Education for the next generation. See how we’ve used a hand sign recognition model to teach high school students about AI.

Let’s add some AI to your coffee

Does your coffee machine know who you are? Ours does! We added face recognition and even a way to instantly get a double espresso when you desperately need it.

Create your own self-driving car

What to do when you would really like to have a self-driving car… Well, build your own of course!

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