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Talent Program

Are you looking for future data professionals for your organization?

The Cmotions Talent Program has several candidates who can work for you.

The Cmotions Talent Program Data & Analytics is a unique program that prepares young talents to get started as data & analytics professionals.

We train talents, guide them towards a (permanent) position and offer coaching and support during the first year. This way, you as a client get a high-quality specialist and the young professional can continue to develop themselves to their fullest potential.

Getting started in your organization

When the candidates have completed the Talent Program, they can immediately start working in your organization. Within the 7 weeks of intensive training, we to know the candidates on a personal and professional level, which is why we able to determine whether a candidate’s personality and your organization’s culture have a good fit. Our candidates go through your regular application process. We match the candidates with your vacancy; you conduct the interviews. Even after the candidate starts, Cmotions continues to support the candidate with coaching (by a Cmotions buddy) and guidance.

More than a traineeship

Because of our experience and ability to attract data professionals, we select the best candidates for our Talent Program. They are all WO or HBO educated, with a solid foundation in statistical methods and techniques. In an assessment, we select the best talent with the right combination of knowledge, ambition and skills. Then the selected candidates start with the intensive and versatile full time training in order to have a head start in your organization. They could fill positions such as ae data analyst, database marketeer or BI specialist.

Our very own experienced data specialists with extensive (practical) knowledge train the candidates. On the basis of 7 cases within a fictitious company, they are challenged on how to use their professional knowledge, how to use specific tools and personal skills to offer solutions to issues that many organizations face. 

Organizations could have questions such as “we have quite a lot of data, but what can we do with it and how should we start?”, “how do I use data visualization to build good reports?” or “how can I use data to simplify processes and stimulate revenue growth? By combining learning with doing, candidates are optimally prepared for rapid deployment with the client.

The positions are a perfect fit for our candidates

  • Business intelligence specialist 
  • Marketing analyst 
  • Business intelligence analyst 
  • Data analyst 
  • Marketing intelligence analyst 
  • Database marketeer 

But these are not the only possibilities! With our Talent Program, candidates gain knowledge of different expertises within the world of data & analytics. Just get in contact with us and we can discuss all the possibilities for your organization.

What are the conditions?

The deployment of candidates is possible through various constructions.

  • After a secondment period the candidate can be taken over by the client free of charge.
  • The hourly rate is € 80,- or you could choose a fixed price per month of € 13,000,- based on a 40-hour work week, for a period of 12 months.
  • Client hires candidate directly. The takeover fee is negotiable.
  • Clients of Cmotions who have their own employee participate in the 7-week Talent Program pay € 19,995,- for the entire training program.
Talent Management Manager

Anne-Wil IJzelenberg

+31 6 46 99 32 73

Want to know more about training possibilities (Academy), or are you interested in hiring a young data professional via our Talent Program? Get in touch with Anne-Wil, or book a meeting!

+31 6 46 99 32 73

Are you looking for future data professionals for your organization?

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