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Talent Program: the start of your career in data

The Cmotions Talent Program Data & Analytics is a unique development program for (recent) graduates in which we train and guide you within 7 weeks to a job with an employer that suits you. After being placed with the client, you will be coached and guided by us where necessary to guarantee your optimal development. All while receiving a gross salary of €2750 from the day you start our program!

What does the Talent Program entail?

The Data & Analytics Talent Program is a unique development program for (new) graduates in which we train and guide you to a job with an employer that suits you within 7 weeks. These are your benefits at a glance:

  • Trained as a data professional within 7 weeks
  • From day 1 you will receive a starting salary of €2,750 per month, increasing to €3,000 after starting with one of our employers
  • Guidance towards a first job with a top employer
  • Coaching on the job

Let data do the job, do the job in data

Do you have a (nearly) completed bachelor’s or university degree or a maximum of two years of work experience? Applied statistics in your curriculum and excessive interest in data & analytics? And do you want to develop into a data specialist? Then our Talent Program is for you! The Talent Program offers you the opportunity to become a data specialist in seven weeks and learn so many cool practical lessons from the experts in a short time.

Hear from our candidates about their Talent Program experience

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After graduating, I started looking for a job. But when reading the vacancies and conducting job interviews, I kept getting the feeling that I was not yet fully prepared for work life. That's why I was immediately interested in Cmotions' Talent Program, so that I can get a good foundation to enter the professional field with more self-confidence.

RiesHBO Commercial Economics and Master Marketing Analytics, Tilburg University

My goal in participating in the Talent Program is to learn to apply my knowledge in practice and to further develop myself in this. What I really like about the program is that I not only continue to develop in programming languages such as Power BI, SQL and Python; A lot of attention is also paid to soft skills, such as conversation techniques and the way you convey a message.

JaninkaMaster Marketing Analytics & Data Science, University of Groningen

I would like to supplement my marketing knowledge with data, which is why I chose the Cmotions Talent Program. I am extremely enthusiastic about the way in which you are guided here from A to Z, where not only the knowledge of programming languages will help me, but also the many soft skills training courses, for a good start with my first client

LynnMaster Media & Business, Erasmus University Rotterdam

During my training I was able to get a taste of data analysis. Because I want to further develop these skills and techniques, I chose the Cmotions Talent Program. And I am very positive! Everything related to data is discussed: from collecting and analyzing to presenting and reporting. A lot of time is spent on you and if you have questions there is always someone to help you. A good basis for my start in practice

AndreiBusiness, IT & Management, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Enschede

One of my considerations for participating in the Talent Program is to gain practical experience. I was looking for a bridge between university and business to get a good foundation for a great career in the data field. I have now learned a lot in a relatively short period of time, especially through the very practice-oriented way of teaching.

DavidBachelor in International Economics, Business Administration and a master in Data Science and Marketing Analytics, Erasmus University, Rotterdam

After my studies, I worked at a research agency for 2 years. Because I would like to develop further as a data analyst/scientist, I have decided to participate in the Talent Program. I can say that I am very happy with this choice! I learned a lot in a short time. Not only about commonly used tools such as Python, Power BI and SQL, but also how I can improve my soft skills. I think this is an excellent basis for my further career

ReginaMaster Communication and Information Sciences, Tilburg University

Your benefits

Inspiring 7-week program

Learn all about the different data specialisms

Starting salary of 2,750 euros

From day 1

Personal guidance towards your first job

By our experienced experts

Coaching on the job

Te ensure your optimal development

Professional network

To get a headstart

Space for development, fun and social contributions

Date and location

The next edition of the Cmotions Talent Program starts after the summer vacation in our office in Bunnik. This edition will exclusively be given in Dutch. Will you be there?

Lead Academy & Talent Program

Anne-Wil Ijzelenberg

+31 (0)6 46 99 32 73

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Frequently asked questions

How long is the program?

The Talent Program is 7 weeks long.

How exactly is the program structured?

The Talent Program is made up of seven journeys. In each journey, you will work on a case. You start with an intake to clarify the question, work on the case, and end with an advisory meeting with the client. Of course, we make sure that you have the adequate knowledge to make the case a success through a combination of training in the field of data applications (e.g. data-driven work, KPIs, business case), data and analysis techniques (e.g. data preparation, cluster analysis, prediction models), tooling (e.g. SQL, PowerBI, Python) and soft skills (e.g. storytelling, persuasive presentation, interview techniques). With each successive journey, you will go a bit further and help the client to get even more insights from the data. A description per week can be found here

What does the program cost / what compensation will I receive?

The program costs you nothing. From the start of the Talent Program, you join our payroll. During the entire program and until you are placed with a client, we pay you a monthly salary of €2750 and you have free lunch on office days. And once you start at a client, your salary grows with you immediately to €3000.

Do I have to follow the whole program or can I also follow parts of the program?

You follow the entire Talent Program as one whole. The program consists of seven journeys, logically following one after the other. If you already have a lot of knowledge about a certain subject, we will make sure that you will be challenged in that journey by letting you go a step further. If you demonstrate that you have mastered a part of the program, a possible dispensation can always be discussed.

How often is the program organized?

The Talent Program starts twice a year. One edition starts in January, the other starts in September.

What is the level of the program?

The Talent Program is suitable for (almost) graduate bachelor and master students (with a maximum of two years of work experience) with an interest in data. The program is suitable both for students with data training who want to learn more about how to put this knowledge into practice, and for students who want to be retrained to get started as data professionals. The combination of training in data applications, data and analysis techniques, tooling, soft skills, and practical cases ensures that each candidate can develop in the areas that are important to them.

How often do I need to be in Bunnik during the program?

The Talent Program is a hybrid program; part of the training we provide at our office in Bunnik, and another part of the training we provide online. For each training, we have considered whether it is best done at the office or whether it can also be done online. The number of times you come to the office per week also depends on the training sessions in that week. On average, you will have to come to Bunnik two to three days a week.

What if I already have a lot of knowledge of Python, is the program challenging enough?

Yes, the Talent Program is different from an (academic) study. You learn to use Python in a different, more practical, way. Python is used as a tool that you learn to use to provide answers and advice to clients. So you do not use Python separately, but it is part of the cases and other lessons. Should you still be ahead of the rest, we have extra assignments so that you can develop further.

What is the balance between Python versus other classes?

Starting in the fourth journey, you will start working with Python. As the program progresses, you will spend less and less time on Python training but will do more independent programming. You will spend about 1/3rd of the entire program on Python. The rest of the program consists of other tooling (SQL, Power BI), data and analysis techniques, business knowledge, and soft skills.

Will I become a consultant after the program?

It depends. We will work with you to see what suits you best. Some of the former candidates become consultants at Cmotions. Their work consists of doing projects with clients and internal projects for Cmotions. Most of the former candidates, however, are placed directly with a client through Cmotions. Depending on the agreements made with the client, you will be employed directly by the client after six months to a year.

With which organizations are candidates placed after the program?

We place candidates with many different organizations and companies. In the past we have placed candidates with banks (ABN AMRO, Rabobank, among others), insurers (Achmea, DELA), energy companies (Essent, Eneco, among others), telecom companies (KPN, XS4ALL, among others), retailers (, Aldipress, among others), (semi-)governmental institutions (UWV, municipalities, among others) and charities (MS fund, lung fund, among others). We will work with you to find an organization that suits you best!

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