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Our hackathons are created and hosted by our own highly skilled and enthusiastic data professionals. Get ready for an afternoon full of fun, knowledge sharing and inspiration.

Enjoy the most data-driven way to build your community

Team building is usually not something a lot of (data) people look forward too, but now they will! By joining our free annual hackathon or by hosting an in-company hackathon your data professionals get to experience a fun and engaging way to learn from each other. Our hackathons are a pure gamification of data and analytics, challenging for both the very skilled data scientist as the data professional that just started.


hackathons to choose from

Join the fun and build your community with our hackathon especially for data professionals

Kamp van Kees

Data soldiers, this is Cmotions hackathon crew, over.  

Requesting back-up for Defense Intelligence, over

The Kamp van Kees mission awaits your analytical genius! As part of the Special Forces, your data wizardry will be instrumental in safeguarding our nation’s security. Together, let’s script a data-driven strategy that ensures our country’s safety. Join us in this high-stakes hackathon where your knack for crunching numbers and unraveling insights will shape the defense strategy. Let’s stand tall, armed with our data arsenal, and protect our country with the might of analytics! Over

The "Kamp van Kees" hackathon will take place on Friday 15 March 2024 at Fort aan de Klop in Utrecht

Super Mario

Super Mario, his brother Luigi and their friends urgently need your data skills!

Something horrible happened to the Mushroom Analysts in Mushroom Kingdom. The Koopa, a tribe of turtles famous for their black math and led by their king Bowser, invaded the ever so peaceful kingdom. The quiet, algorithm-loving Mushroom Analysts were transformed into bricks and stones, and even field horsetail plants. Mushroom Kingdom has fallen into ruin.

The only inhabitant who can undo the magic spell on the Mushroom Analysts and return them to their normal selves is Princess Peach, the daughter of the Mushroom King. Unfortunately, Bowser kidnapped her during the invasion and is now keeping her in his castle.

Mario and his friends want to break the black math of the Koopa and bring the princess back to Mushroom Kingdom. They cannot do this without the help of some very smart data lovers. That is why we are reaching out to you! Mario has been crunching every data-point they have of you and, according to their model, you are the one they need to free the princess and undo the spell.

Will you prove them right and help them on their quest?


Now that the COVID-19 outbreak is no longer kidnapping the news, the following pre-pandemic news item is resurging: The Netherlands is in danger of becoming a nacho-state. The use of fried tortilla chips in nightlife has become the rule rather than the exception, and there is not a single South American cargo ship entering the harbour of Rotterdam that does not contain jalapeño peppers or sour cream hidden in banana boxes. Avocados are mashed into guacemole in secret Dutch cellars.

The police are in over their head unraveling the most exotic variants of this once innocent, triangle-shaped corn product.

‘A small country is at the center of a billion-dollar Nacho industry.‘

During this hackathon each cartel will try to set up the entire process of producing, transporting and distributing nachos. Do you have what it takes to join the nacho-state?


Immerse yourself in a good old game of Clue (or Cluedo in Dutch). During this hackathon, you will need to utilize your analytical skills to determine who has murdered Mr. Blackbox and, of course, in which location and with which murder weapon this cowardly act took place. Will you find enough support (vector) to uncover the correct combinations, or will it turn out to be a false positive?


My name is Piet A. Choras, one of the greatest mathematical geniuses in history. I have been wrongfully convicted for overfitting and have been imprisoned ever since.

The sum of the months I’ve been incarcerated equals the square of the period during which I’ve been appealing my conviction. Despite a Hadoop of arguments, this has not resulted in significant evidence to overturn my conviction. Therefore, I have secretly developed an algorithm to regain my degrees of freedom.

When I unveil my escape plan, I could really use your help. That’s why I appeal to your sense of justice and analytical ability. Can I count on your accuracy?

"Tweede Kamer" Elections

Two weeks before the 2012 parliamentary elections, the SP (Socialist Party) was polling at 35 seats, but ultimately only secured 15 seats, less than half of what was predicted by Meanwhile, the PvdA (Labour Party) saw a surge in the final weeks: expected to win 18 seats, Diederik Samsom ended up leading a fraction of 38 members in the Second Chamber, making them, behind the VVD (People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy), the second-largest party in the Netherlands.

No one predicted that Brexit would actually happen. According to experts, Donald Trump had only a 15% chance of winning on the eve of the American elections, and the rest is history…

What are the driving forces and predictive values of opinion polls? Can we even speak of pollsters, or do the polls influence public opinion to such an extent that we can consider them opinion makers? In a society where only 30% of voters remain loyal to one party and populist ideologies thrive on both the left and right sides of the political spectrum, predicting the electorate’s mindset in the polling booth becomes increasingly challenging.

In this hackathon we dare you to predict the election results, and outsmart your colleagues and the esteemed opinion pollsters!


In football, there are an enormous number of ‘facts’. Is it truly harder to play against 10 men? Does a curse exist on taking a penalty you’ve earned yourself? Does home advantage really exist? Do referees disadvantage the underdogs? Is European football after the winter break really deadly for your championship ambitions?

All assumptions that can be investigated with data. The use of data analysis in football is on the rise. Germany used data analysis to intervene during matches and became world champion. FC Midtjylland, once a relatively unknown club, became champion by using data, following the American example. Who doesn’t know the movie Moneyball?

Do you and your colleagues think you have a good understanding of data and football? Then this hackathon is for you!

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