Using data strategy to become data-driven

Eimskip, a leading logistics provider in the North Atlantic, wanted a vision and growth path for maturing as a data driven organization. Like most organizations today, Eimskip did not struggle with insufficient amounts of data. Instead, the challenge was to ensure that the right data is put to work where it will have the biggest possible impact on business objectives.


To assist Eimskip, we applied our Data Strategy offering, which allowed us to plan how to execute Eimskip’s vision and consequently start the journey to become a more data driven organization.

Combining our management consulting services with our deep understanding of implementing cloud-based data infrastructure, we provided Eimskip with the right balance of both the why and how, in order to succeed on their data journey. Eimskip understood from the beginning that, to become truly data-driven, is to grow as an organization. Simply replacing old tech with new tech is not enough. This journey requires new ways of working with data and a data-driven mindset for both the IT organization as well as for the business who applies the data.

As a part of the Data Strategy work, Eimskip has taken an active part in assessing its own maturity across the 4 drivers: people, organization, processes, and technology as well as the 5 expertise areas of data: data strategy, automation, analytics, business intelligence, and data management. The assessment provides insights for the current state of the organization and a nuanced picture of where to grow.

The assessment framework provides Eimskip with a tool to map their maturity, and a structured approach to assess whether they are growing as an organization in accordance with their ambition to become Data Strategists. Consequently, the assessment results in a score card which can be updated every 3-6 months in order to verify that the data journey is right on track.

Delegate’s data strategy is designed to be lightweight in its execution. Eimskip built their data strategy through a 2-day workshop facilitated by Delegate. A key outcome, beyond the maturity assessment, was identifying the first valuable data use cases.

With a clear Data Strategy, Eimskip had the plan and blueprint for making their organization more data-driven and taking the first steps towards delivering continuous value.

The Data Strategy strengthened stakeholder communication, by clarifying specific actions that were needed from both the business and IT organization, while simultaneously addressing why becoming data-driven is critical for Eimskip. Moreover, for Eimskip, becoming more data-driven was a natural next step in their Digitalization Journey: Modernization of their IT infrastructure and transition into cloud solutions.

Our Data Strategy offering is delivered in close collaboration with our sister-company Cmotions, within Broad Horizon. Cmotions is a leading Data Consultancy in the Netherlands. A key goal of Broad Horizons is to supply our customers with the right expertise, sourced from across our brands.

“As a part of our digital journey we acknowledged that we did not need to find more data but we could be better equipped to produce and clean the data needed for the business. Preferably in a technology stack closer to our CE digital platform and more efficiently than before.

We reached out to our current vendor base and found Delegate to be best suited for the job in collaboration with their sister company Cmotions. They offered a well defined Data Strategy approach and after some collaborative workshops we created our strategy and defined a POC to deliver in a new proposed cloud based technology.

Together we delivered a POC for a customer 360 overview and specific PowerBI dashboards for our cloud based information screens.

We are very happy with the results and the short time it took for them to deliver.”

Hilmar KarlssonCIO / Senior manager for Business Processes and IT at Eimskib
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