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Being able to build trust is the basis for any working relationship and its success. Therefore, central to this offering for this level is the development of leadership and “entrepreneurial” skills with the goal of developing trust in the working relationship with both the client and the professionals on the team. Being able to give direction and lead, both internally and externally.

This training has a very practical character. It consists of many simulations and especially reflections on your performance. In this training there is much room to adapt to personal learning questions.

Target audience

A characteristic of this target group is that they work more at a distance from pure operational execution. They are expected to be able to motivate and manage a team of professionals in a result-oriented way. They lead their team. They must present themselves as a “partner in business” in the broad sense within their organization. In addition, they are expected to be entrepreneurial. We expect to have broad and deep foundations in conversation and creating value from content.


The training starts with a personal intake between participant and trainer. Based on a number of preparation questions we determine the focus and desired results. The course then consists of one training day and 2 subsequent training days (5-week interval). In between there are 2 individual coaching conversations between trainer and participant. Each participant works on an actual business case. This makes the training a ‘business-lab’ with the aim of achieving concrete results in the business.

Telephonic intake
Prior to the first day you will have a telephonic intake with the trainer where you can determine your specific learning goals.

Day 1 | workshop 1:

  • Strengthen trust relationship the broad conversation with the client
  • Partner in business advisor
  • Developing a proactive working relationship with clients

Day 1 | workshop 2:

  • Motivating professionals
  • The performance cycle
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Calling and coaching

Between the 2 training days you have a telephone coaching in which you can discuss your progress.

Day 2

The following day, you will reflect on your progress and continue to train on topics based on personal input from the participants.

In addition to preparation for the intake with the trainer, participants process content through the learning portal and, where possible, gain experience in their practice with the topics offered.

Data and location


The training takes place on request.

If you are interested in this training for the entire department, please contact us for customized options.


The training will take place in our office in Bunnik, unless communicated otherwise. We will then switch to an online training in a Teams environment, adapting the training to the channel. Think of enough exercises and breaks in between so that this is also easy to follow online.

Our office is located at Kosterijland 40 in Bunnik.


The cost for this training is €3,350 (excluding VAT) per participant, which includes access to the online portal and lunch on site.


A cost center must be entered when signing up, after which we will send an invoice.

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