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As a senior professional, you are expected to make a difference. Not only by being able to make a difference in terms of content, but also by building a relationship of trust with clients. This training provides insight into the success factors and offers concrete tools to achieve this. Practical, concrete and directly applicable.

The training provides depth in essential conversation and communication techniques in the context of the consultancy or intake interview. In addition, the training provides insight into essential skills to build and strengthen relationships and trust with clients. How do you get from reactive to proactive consulting?

This training has a very practical character. Many simulations and especially reflections on your performance. In this training there is much room to differentiate to personal learning questions.

Learning goals

Upon completion of the training you will have:

  • Strengthened your (essential) skills in the different phases of the advisory process.
  • Insight into the strengths and areas of attention based on your advisory profile.
  • Concrete tools to build and strengthen relationships with clients.
  • Gained insight into different influencing strategies and the corresponding skills.
  • Gained insight into negotiation strategies and possibilities for dealing with different interests.

Target audience

This training is designed for medior / senior data professionals with several years of work experience and an “operational responsibility” for performing assignments with their employer. We expect you to have basic knowledge of the essential skills for conducting intake and consulting interviews.


The following topics are part of the program:

  • Refresh of basic consulting skills.
  • Being able to structure the question and make clear the added value of the advice.
  • Customer typology; insight into own preference profile.
  • Decision styles and intervention possibilities.
  • Negotiating and dealing with other interests.
  • Dealing with resistances and conflicts.
  • Stakeholder management.
  • Making a difference: the ‘trusted’ consultant; proactive advice.
  • Cooperation between advisor and account manager.

The training has a high ‘do’ component. Practice, simulation and application occupy 80% of the training time.

Telephonic intake

Prior to the first day, you will have an intake by phone with the trainer where you can determine your specific learning goals.

Day 1 – Topics
Workshop 1: refresh the intake conversation; focusing on conversation opening and the analysis phase; structurally identifying the client’s question.

Making a difference; ‘the trusted advisor’. What does this require? From reactive to proactive advice.

Workshop 2 (actor): elaborate “simulation carousel” in situations (all based on participant’s own input) with central themes: customer typology – decision and intervention styles.

Telephonic coaching
Between the 2 training days you will have telephone coaching in which you can discuss progress in putting theory into practice.

Day 2 – Topics
Workshop 1: refresh intake interviews focusing on creating added value – dealing with different interests – negotiating – stakeholder management.

Workshop 2 (actor): “simulation carrousel” in situations (all based on participant’s own input) with central themes: dealing with resistance and conflicts (i.c.m. typology).


  • In an intake by phone with the trainer prior to the training you agree on the details, determine your focus and make arrangements.
  • Development of your learning objective in performance indicators and concrete situations.
  • Prior to the training, you use the learning portal to process the content about the topics that will be discussed on the training day.
  • In addition, you carry out a number of application assignments in your practice prior to the training day (learning on the job).
  • For this training, this requires a preparation time of approximately 2 hours.

Data and location


Training will take place on an open enrollment basis. Date will be determined together with the participants.

If you are interested in this training for the entire department, please contact us for a customized approach.


The training will take place in at our office in Bunnik, unless communicated otherwise. We will then switch to an online training in a Teams environment, adapting the training to the channel. Think of enough exercises and breaks in between so that this is also easy to follow online.

Our office is located at Kosterijland 40 in Bunnik.


The cost for this training is €1750 (excluding VAT) per participant, which includes access to the online portal and lunch on site.


A cost center must be entered when signing up, and we will send an invoice.

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