Cmotions Academy

How do you teach a computer to type without a keyboard? Artificial intelligence at the SSGN

3 July 2018

It’s a May morning at Nijmegen City Comprehensive School. There are 50 students, 7 laptops with... read more

How can you deploy MOOCs when creating a data science culture? Do’s and don’ts.

7 June 2018

MOOCs (massive online open courses) are incredibly popular with data scientists due to the many advantages... read more

The “Wow” and “D’oh” of MOOCs – Successful MOOCing – For Beginners

9 May 2018

If you walk into an average Data Science department and ask if anyone has taken a... read more

Learn R with Experience R Register now!

16 January 2017

As a (data) analyst, you are always thinking about how you can help your organisation to... read more

DDMA and Cmotions introduce… the Data Academy

28 July 2015

The field in which we as marketers, researchers and data scientists work, is ever-changing. The question... read more

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