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Everybody has those mornings when your mood is not as wonderful as always and your energy levels seem to be lagging, especially before you had your coffee. Those mornings when you just want to flip the finger to everything and everyone and tell the world to fuck off. When “working” on our A.I. coffee machine, we recognized this feeling and felt that it’s our duty to take this feeling seriously.

So, here’s what we did, we trained our coffee machine to recognize when someone flips it the finger. Thomas spend the entire afternoon collecting training data, meaning that he was just flipping the finger to his computer and looking for YouTube clips where people flip the finger. Which is why I quoted “working” in the first paragraph. In the picture below you’ll see some of our training data.


And the results after two days of training:

When it spots the middle finger, it serves a double shot of espresso. Now, we’re not claiming that it fixes your mood entirely, but sure as hell makes it a bit better!

Last session we’ve had our dr. Frankenstein moment, it was working. It was however on a dry run, we saw the buttons worked, but didn’t connect the coffee machine to the water. This time we did, apparently there’s still a little bug, as it decided to serve a cappuccino every 20 seconds.

Read more about what happened before or check out the video we’ve made of this project

Jeroen Kromme
Principal Consultant Data Science
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