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Workshop: Next level text mining

The field of NLP continues to evolve. Besides sentiment analysis and topic modeling, there are still many opportunities to extract information from unstructured text data. In this workshop we help data scientists take the next step in text mining. We do this by using BERT models for classification purposes. We explain how this works and what the benefits are. By providing Python notebooks we can quickly get started with this during workshops and after the workshop you will have a script you can use for your own application.

Learning goals

At the end of the workshop:

  • You are aware of several techniques that can be used in NLP.
  • You know what BERT models are
  • You are able to apply BERT model for classification.
  • You have a notebook that you can use for your application

Target audience

This workshop is intended for data scientists who have worked with text mining / NLP before and who have worked with Python before. You do not need to be an expert in either to participate in this training.


The following topics are part of the program:

  • Developments within NLP
  • Different techniques
  • Explanation of Transformer models including BERT
  • Application of BERT models
  • Own optimization of BERT on application

During the workshop the technique BERT will be discussed in detail. Furthermore, the application of BERT is demonstrated and there is plenty of time for participants to work with the technique. A notebook will be provided for this purpose.

Data and location


The training takes place on request. Therefore, we determine the date in collaboration with you.


This training will take place at our office in Bunnik, or online if preferred.


The cost for this training is €500 (excluding VAT) per participant.


When registering, please fill in a cost center, after which we will send an invoice.

If you are interested in this training for the entire department, please contact us for customization.

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