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Workshop: Learn Git by doing

Do you recognize the following situation?

Not only is the above situation very inconvenient, it can have serious consequences when the code from the above files is used for analysis or other applications. Finally, which file contains the most recent code? Can that code be trusted? Who worked on it last? And what did that person modify? Git is the solution.

Git is a version control system (VCS) and in this workshop, you’ll learn what a VCS is, what git is, how to use git, and why git is indispensable as a data professional. You’ll learn how to use git for standalone projects, and how to use Gitlab, GitHub, or Azure DevOps for projects with others. The workshop is hands-on and through various exercises you will learn the most important git commands.

Learning goals

  • You know what a VCS is and its relationship to git
  • You know the most important git commands and can apply them independently
  • You are more comfortable using a command-line interface (CLI)
  • Know how to use git in a team context

Target audience

This workshop is designed for data professionals who write code or use code in their work. Prior knowledge of a CLI is helpful but not necessary.

If you have no experience with a CLI, we will prepare you through some blogs and videos.


The following topics are part of the program:

  • What is a VCS?
  • What is git?
  • Why is it important?
  • The command-line interface
  • Terminology and basic commands
  • Practical assignment git on your desktop environment
  • Practical assignment on Gitlab
  • Lots of room for questions and interaction

For the workshop we use Gitlab but the learnings can easily be applied to GitHub and Azure DevOps.

Data and location


Training will be scheduled upon request. Please leave your contact information and we will inform you as soon as the final dates are revealed

If you are interested in this training for the entire department, please contact us for customization.


The training will take place at our office in Bunnik. We will then switch to online training in a Teams environment, adapting the training to the channel. Think of enough exercises and breaks in between so that this is also easy to follow online.

Our office is located at Kosterijland 40 in Bunnik.


The cost for this training is €500 (excluding VAT) per participant.

This also includes lunch on location.


When registering you are required to fill in a cost center, after which we will send you an invoice.

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