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Structuring your analysis project with CRISP-DM

Your analysis project is more likely to succeed when you work in a planned way, know your client’s or colleague’s goals and translate them into a structured analysis approach. For many years CRISP-DM (Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) has been the way to approach your analysis projects in a structured way. In this training we give you useful tips & tricks to tackle your own project according to the CRISP-DM method.

Learning goals

By the end of the training you will be able to work with more structure and confidence:

  • In an intake interview, translate business goals into a concrete analysis issue
  • Determine what data is needed to answer the question
  • Assess the quality of available data and resolve data issues
  • Select the best statistical method for the problem
  • Evaluate your analysis
  • Share the analysis result with the organization
  • Implement your algorithm into business processes

Target audience

This training is designed for (novice) analysts looking for more guidance on their analysis approach.


The following topics are part of the program:

Day 1 

  • Business understanding
    • Basic communication skills
    • Conducting an intake interview: the question behind the question
    • Prioritizing: working in a goal-oriented way
    • Making an analysis plan

Day 2

  • Data understanding
  • Data preparation
    • Data quality audit
    • Issue resolution
  • Modeling & evaluation
    • Choosing an appropriate analysis method
    • Test and training sets: do’s and don’ts

Day 3

  • Deployment & implementation
  • Monitoring, transparency and explainability


We assume that participants have basic knowledge of analytical techniques such as predictive modeling or customer segmentation. It is not necessary to be able to apply these techniques independently. Check out our other training courses for that.

Data and location


Training will be scheduled upon request. Leave your contact information, or book a meeting, and we will notify you as soon as final dates are known.

If you are interested in this training for the entire department, please contact us for a tailor-made training.


The training will take place in at our office in Bunnik, unless communicated otherwise. We will then switch to an online training in a Teams environment, adapting the training to the channel. Think of enough exercises and breaks in between so that this is also easy to follow online.

Our office is located at Kosterijland 40 in Bunnik.


The cost for this training is €1275 (excluding VAT) per participant, which includes lunch on site.


A cost center must be entered when signing up, and we will send an invoice.

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