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SQL is the foundation for many analysts to retrieve and manipulate data for the next step in analysis. In this training we will teach you what relational databases are and how to extract information from them with SQL. During the training we will build this up so you can retrieve and manipulate data in an efficient way. During the training we combine theory with practice so that at the end of the training you will have fully mastered SQL.

Learning goals

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Load data into SQL
  • Retrieve and filter data
  • Edit columns & add new attributes
  • Aggregate data sets
  • Discard datasets
  • Write code efficiently

Target audience

This course is intended for (beginning) analysts who do not yet have experience with SQL. Also, experience with other programming languages is not required.

Signing up

For this training we cooperate with Beeckestijn Business School. You can register for this training through the Beeckestijn website.


The following topics are part of the program:

Day 1 

  • Explanation of relational databases and SQL
  • Loading data in different ways
  • Editing data:
    • Editing columns
    • Creating new columns
    • Grouping
    • Creating ranking
  • Joining tables in different ways

Day 2

  • Summary day 1
  • Creating subqueries
  • Updating tables and creating new tables
  • Using parameters
  • Using jobs & stored procedures
  • Writing data

Data and location


Check the Beeckestijn Business School website for the next available date for this training.

If you are interested in this training for the entire department, please contact us for tailor-made solutions.


The training will be held at one of the locations of ‘Beeckestijn Business School’: Amsterdam, Capelle aan den IJssel, Eindhoven, Leusden, Utrecht, Zwolle or Online Classroom.

We will inform you about this at least 2 weeks in advance.


For the cost and payment of this training, please refer to the Beeckestijn Business School website.

If you are interested in this training for the entire department, please contact us for a customized training.

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