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Corporate Social Responsibility “Who Cares?”

At Cmotions we think it is important, in addition to commercial activities, to also be socially engaged. In order to make a positive contribution towards a better society now and in the future, we have launched the ”Who Cares?” programme. Through this programme, Cmotions is seeking to increase its impact on society in a positive way.

We work on the basis that it is intrinsically within people to do good. That’s why we do not see “Who Cares?” as a way to point the finger at things that are done wrong, but as a way to encourage people to do good. Participation is therefore never compulsory – but everyone is invited to participate in activities.

There are lots of fun, good and responsible activities at Cmotions. “Who cares?” can serve as a springboard for you to act on your own CSR ideas! To make it all a bit more streamlined, we have designated 4 focus areas, but we are also happy to think outside this framework.

In the period ahead, “Who Cares?” is going to focus on one of the essential elements of sustainability: the future. Activities will preferably be directly related to “education for the next generation”.

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