What do Santa Claus and Carnival Festival Have in Common?

5 January 2017

Every year, around Christmas time, the big, red lorry with Santa Claus on the side appears on television. This advert is something that really makes people feel Christmas time has arrived. This is just one of the great stories that Coca-Cola tells us. The Netherlands’ most famous theme park, the Efteling, also tells us all kinds of stories, or rather fairytales, such as Carnival Festival and the Baron. How do companies use storytelling? On Wednesday 16 December, Cmotions attended a storytelling inspiration session organised by the Netherlands Platform for Customer-focused Entrepreneurship [Platform voor Klantgericht Ondernemen]. In this session, the Efteling and Coca-Cola took us through what storytelling means to them.


The Efteling

Storytelling is about conveying stories that stay with you and get passed on. These stories often evoke emotions in us and that is why we remember them. Many companies tell us stories. What stories come to mind when you think of the Efteling?

Classic stories that I associate with the Efteling include the Fairytale Forest, George and the Dragon, Carnival Festival, the Flying Dutchman, the Baron and many more. Whenever you visit the Efteling, you are transported into a world of stories in the form of fairytales. The Efteling brings fairytales to life in all areas of the theme park, including the rides, restaurants, holiday park and hotel. The fairytales are integrated into all aspects of the park, right down to the finest detail. At the Efteling they don’t just build a “cool” or “exciting” ride, they build a story you can experience.



At the heart of the stories that Coca-Cola tells us is Happiness for everyone. Putting smiles on people’s faces. Santa Claus is one of Coca-Cola’s most famous stories. The big, red lorry plays a big part in this story. The lorry goes on tour every year to various events all over the Netherlands. Coca-Cola is also inextricably linked to sport, since Coca-Cola makes a major contribution to big sporting events such as the Olympics, as well as local events such as Olympic Moves.

Ultimately, stories stay in people’s minds, get passed on and help a brand or company to continue developing. What’s your story?



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