Welcome to your future event! Cmotions meets VU Business Analytics students

6 February 2019

Cmotions is always looking for talented and driven colleagues and we like to offer opportunities to talented starters on the labour market. On Thursday the 24th of January, the annual Welcome to your future event for Business Analytics students from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam was organized. Here, we were given the opportunity to present Cmotions as a company, to an auditorium filled with business analytics students and our coveted talented starters!

The course Business Analytics is a unique combination of mathematics, business administration and computer science. The Welcome To Your Future event is organized by Study Association Business Analytics from de Vrije Universiteit (VU) and brings business analytics students and companies together. This is an easy way for students to have an understanding of the companies and workplace they might be working for, and also offers insight into the everyday application of everything they learn during their studies. Cmotions was one of the companies that was allowed to present itself to all of these curious students.


About Cmotions

We gave a short presentation to introduce our company and to show the work that we do. With an accurate view of what can be expected during an average working week and how much we all enjoy working at Cmotions. We offered some practical examples to give the students a better understanding of the projects we do in the field of data & analytics and how they can apply the knowledge from their studies in corporate life.


Job Market

After the presentations of a number of different employers, it was time for the ‘job market’. This offered us the opportunity to get acquainted with the students in an informal setting. The students in turn were able to ask all their questions with regard to work, working atmosphere and the opportunities at Cmotions. The sophomore students were especially curious about openings for an internship at Cmotions, whereas master students were actively looking for possible employers. Needless to say that the Talent Academy folders were in high demand among the students. We appreciated this event because of the enthusiastic response and all the questions students asked about Cmotions, our working field and our ambitions.

Read more about working at Cmotions and check our available positions.

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