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At Cmotions we usually really enjoy our weekly Fridays where we all come together at our headquarters. Mostly working for all our clients, but then at our own office. Which also gives us some space for our own projects, but mostly for simply being able to see and talk to each other and really feel like colleagues. It is a tradition we’ve all come to appreciate very much, which makes us feel like Cmotioneers and also the tradition we have been missing the most in this past covid-year.

But as consultants, we all have learned to be flexible and work with what we have as well. So why would this be any different. Therefore, we looked around us to see what we had at hand to  “replace” our Friday feeling, even only for a little bit. We started out with our PowerBI EscapeRoom, which was not only a whole lot of fun to create but even more so to play! We can really recommend doing this with your teammates. It’s freely accessible for everybody and you don’t need to know anything about data or PowerBI to be able to play this EscapeRoom!

All the fun we had playing this PowerBI EscapeRoom made us crave for more fun, so we decided we wanted more!  And why not use one of our very own hackathons as well: Escaperoom, the lockdown. This hackathon, which we created in 2018, was, suddenly, even more relevant now in 2021! In this hackathon our teams get the assignment to help free the mathematician Piet A. Choras, who was wrongly convicted for overfitting and has been in in lockdown ever since (boy, do we know how he feels!).

With a combination of logical thinking, a creative mind, our best friend Google and our even better friend the computer, the teams worked on all different sorts of assignments, ranging from visualization to math to analytics. Since the hackathon has a bring your own device concept, everybody was free to use the tools they preferred (and yes, even Excel is amongst these tools). The teams worked on solving all these different puzzles for a couple of hours, which in the end lead to a photo-finish, where the best predictive model won.

Even though nothing beats seeing each other in real life, this hackathon offered us a very fun afternoon, with a lot of competition, fun, knowledge sharing, teambuilding and learning of new skills. We finished with some online drinks and bites where every team could share what they did all afternoon. Which added even more fun, because this ranged from some very smart Python code, to a fancily coloured Excel and even some PowerBI fishes. No tool is left untouched during this afternoon.

Congratulations to Erik, Thijs and Kjeld, who won the eternal fame of winning this hackathon!

Does your team need a little energizer as well, for teambuilding, (fun) learning and just to have a little break from their regular workdays? We are more than happy to facilitate our hackathon at your company. We know, from our own experience, how much fun this will be! Please contact us at for more information.

Consultant & Data Scientist at Cmotions
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