Report meetup – Conversational Analytics: February 12th, 2020

18 February 2020

Article written by Anne-Wil IJzelenberg, Consultant

Meetup conversational analytics @ True

Storm Ciara had only just receded, when our Meetup at True in Amsterdam was already on the agenda, on Wednesday February 12th, 2020. Actually the storm came to early, since it seemed to become a tradition for our Meetup to coincide with a big national happening. After all, we already had to deal with a Champions Leage final, a nationwide strike in public transport and the farmers protest. Still we weren’t worried, because up until now, we have always managed to make our Meetup into a successful and interesting evening. Last Wednesday’s Meetup was no exception.


PostNL and Tailo

The theme for this Meetup was conversational analytics, for which we put together a very interesting programme. After a wonderful dinner and drinks, Lotte Wijngaards (Product Owner Online Service & Conversational Bots) and Nigel Pouw (Web Analist) from PostNL, kicked off the evening. They introduced us into the world of Daan, the digital coworker in the customer service department at PostNL. After their presentation, the stage was set for Jeroen Kromme and Elroy Verhoeven, founders from start-up Tailo, a conversational intelligence platform that can translate customer conversations into useful insights and actions.


The digital coworker at PostNL

Lotte and Nigel introduced us to Daan, the digital coworker at the customer service department from PostNL. Lotte told us all about how Daan came about, how he is able to support customer service, how he can make the work more enjoyable for everyone and how he helps to take care of customers quicker. Off course Daan could not do all of this right from the start. So Lotte took us on the journey she and her colleagues had to make to get this result, with all the challenges they had to face along the way. And it doesn’t stop here. PostNL wants to keep improving the contact with customers and this is where Daan comes in as well. This chatbot can’t do it all on his own either, which is why somebody has to check his data every now and then. Nigel told us more how analytics can help to gain insight and how to focus on this, to be able to help the customer even better. The audience had many questions to ask about Daan, which made for an amusing and interactive session.


Tailo, a conversational intelligence platform

After a short brake, two of the founders of Tailo took the stage. Jeroen and Elroy are both data scientists with an extensive background in machine learning. It is their experience that many organizations hardly manage to gain value from the conversations and stories from clients. Jeroen showed us the numerous possibilities Tailo has to offer, like a better customer insight, improved quality management, better coaching and faster analysis. He went a bit deeper into some of these topics. The real data science buffs in the audience were indulged when Elroy let us have a peek under the hood, while explaining the technique behind it. Off course this let to many questions and ideas, which gave participants a lot to talk about over drinks.


Succesfull evening!

In short, it was a very succesful evening and we are already looking forward to our next Meetup! Keep an eye on our Meetup page to stay in the loop. Want to know more about our Meetups or certain topics that are discussed during these events? Then please, get in touch with me!

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