Guest course ‘The world of data & analytics’ during The Week of Entrepreneurship at ROC Midden Nederland

26 March 2019

The world of data aside, we think it is important to contribute to society as a company. For this, we have our programme Who Cares. This is the reason why Cmotions is a social shareholder Matchpoint. This organization brings companies and public organizations in Amersfoort together. Matchpoint made a request for us to take part in ‘De Week van het Ondernemen’ (The Week of Entrepreneurship).


The Week of Entrepreneurship

The ‘Week of Entrepreneurship’ is a week full of numerous events, aimed at building bridges between corporate life and schools. We were excited right away! So, on Monday the 18th of March, we found ourselves in front of a classroom full of future media- and application developers at ROC Midden Nederland in Amersfoort, to tell the students everything about the world of data & analytics.


Guest lecture ‘data & analytics’

Students at the ‘Media en ICT College’ of ROC Midden Nederland are taught to develop userfriendly websites and applications. During our guest lecture, we provided them with insight into which data is potentially interesting for companies. A second topic in our lecture was the way we help companies with creating value, while making use of this data.
In our guest course, we combined real-life cases with theory. We started with a quiz where participants could show off their knowledge in the field of data. After discussing the applications for data and the kinds of data companies collect, we automatically started talking about the importance of privacy. The students themselves indicated that they do want personalized information, without getting the notion that companies know everything there is to know about them. A delicate balance, also when you are aspiring to become a programmer. As a technical dessert we discussed the topic that the students perhaps found most interesting: how do we find the right data? This emphasized the importance of a well-organized database, a topic that was more than welcome for the teacher!


Successful contribution, curious students

We enjoyed being in front of this group of students and make them aware of their in the future. For 1,5 hours, the students were at the edge of their seats, which made our guest lecture even more enjoyable. We are happy that we were able to contribute to the ‘Week of Entrepreneurship’ and are looking forward to other initiatives!

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