The votes have been counted…

16 March 2017

Article written by Jeanine Schoonemann, Principal Consultant

Despite the large amount of extra work for vote tellers and the resulting delay for the final result, the hackathon vote tellers have successfully found our winner. It was an epic battle, both on the battlefield of the Dutch Parliamentary elections and the hackathon battlefield too. The former might be mainly about taking positions, maintaining credibility and projecting an image, the latter is only about one thing: hard facts!



Asscher and the Marketing Association of the University of Groningen (MARUG) were heavily invested in the PvdA, but sadly this didn’t pay off, with a record low for the PvdA and consequently no returns for the MARUG. Thanks to Erdogan, Rutte made a strong final surge in the days leading up to the elections. He did lose seats, but compared to the opinion polls and many of the hackathon predictions it was actually a good day for the VVD! Despite all his attempts to not be predictable, Wilders turned out to be exactly that. The predictions from the hackathon were all very close to the number of seats that the PVV actually won.


But now for the news you’ve all been waiting for: THE WINNER!

The big fight on the hackathon battlefield was between Essent and the ANWB, and we can announce that the ANWB can consider itself the VVD of this election, as they won!


Congratulations to the ANWB!

On behalf of The Analytics Lab and Cmotions, the hackathon crew want to say a big thank you to the participants for taking part in the hackathon in such a good-humoured yet serious and competitive way. For us, we really enjoyed organising this event once again and hope to see all the participants again at the next hackathon!



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