Meet Tailo! The Conversational Intelligence Platform for optimal customer relations

12 July 2019

Cmotions and Broad Horizon join forces with the launch of Tailo. Combining data science with the best knowledge on data management & data security has resulted in a unique platform: Tailo. Tailo is the first Dutch Conversational Intelligence Platform that enables organizations to maintain optimal customer relations.


Why Tailo?

There is but one constant in a world that is changing at an increasingly rapid pace: growing expectations of customers. Over the last decade, virtually every organization has had its focus on offering an omnichannel experience. Yet it appears that NPS numbers are lagging behind and that customer experiences differ with each channel. On top of that, the costs for some channels are too high. Companies often aim for a 360O customer view or claim to have this already. However, very often the content of interactions with customers is missing from this view.

Tailo enables companies to create an optimal contact with customers. By a unique combination of data analysis, AI & Natural Language Processing we are able to distill valuable insights and actions from each conversation.


What is the advantage?

With Tailo we offer you a direct insight into what your customer conversations are really about. This gives you a number of advantages:

  • Increased customer knowledge: insight into customer sentiment, intentions and underlying questions for each conversation.
  • Improved quality of conversations : improve your quality management by coaching employees objectively, based on knowledge from conversations.
  • Improved customer retention & cross-selling: discover new customer needs and gain insight into aspects like churn risks and price sensitivity.
  • Improved customer service : faster handling and less unnecessary traffic.


Want to know more?

Are you curious to know what we could do for you? Click here for more information. Or get in touch with us by calling +31 6 14 37 31 41.

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