Is an assistant coach able to assess the quality of phone conversations?

19 February 2020

Quality within customer service

Just like the world around us, customer service is evolving at a rapid pace. What hasn’t changed over the years, is the way the quality of telephone conversations is assessed. Conversations with customers are still being replayed and assessed by a coach or a quality manager. This is done based on a number of pre-set queries, as objectively as possible and for a limited number of conversations. Yet, this work is still time consuming, in spite of limiting the number of conversations.

What would happen when an assistant coach collects the quality of all telephone conversations, continually and objectively?

‘You cannot improve what you can’t analyze’


Assessing conversations manually

Many workers in customer service have up to 50 phone conversations during the day. That is a monthly average of 1,000 conversations. Many organizations check three to five conversations per month for quality purposes, a rather time consuming job for coaches and quality managers.

And all of that for less than 1% of the total number of conversations that take place during a month. Most organization consider this 1% as a complete and adequate picture of the performance from the customer service worker. Employees are subsequently judged and coached based on this information.

For most companies, data from the other 99% of the conversations, isn’t accessible. Yet is this specific data that contains interesting information that can increase quality, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.


Assistant coach

In soccer, a coach often works with an assistant coach, someone who sets the pylons and preparations for the match. This is the role we like to fulfil for the coach or quality manager in a contact centre.

An assistant coach who provides the coach with insights into which conversations he or she needs to listen to and needs to discuss with the employee. Not just the conversations where something went wrong, but also specifically conversations that went well.


Conversational analytics

Conversational analytics is the analysing of conversations. This makes data and information from all conversations accessible, without having to listen to each separate conversation.

For the quality manager, this means a shift in focus towards a more analysing, data-driven and coaching role. Below is a number of examples where conversational intelligence was used:

  1. Automatic assessing quality of correct answering and closing of the conversation.
  2. Testing of compliance questions (by employee if necessary).
  3. Automatic assessment of question and answers.

Want to know more about the assistant coach who never sleeps, who is always there to help you, who is never sick and who always keeps learning? Then get in touch with us.

Eugene Steenken – Business Consultant Customer Excellence with experience at UWV, Nationale Nederlanden and Reaal

Jeroen Kromme – Co-founder Tailo

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