In 2022, we are going to have a great year of celebration! Many weddings expected

21 February 2022

Plan your calendar free and make sure you have plenty of party clothes in your closet,... read more

How do you Organise Analytics in Sports?

30 May 2018

On Monday 7 May, we were at the “Analytics in Sports” conference at the Johan Cruijff... read more

Accountability, is information power

5 February 2018

In the field of data analysis, changes come and go at an increasing pace. It is... read more

Privacy, where is it heading?

31 August 2017

In our field of data analysis, we are seeing changes come and go at an increasing... read more

Data as a strategy; the creation of the CAO

22 May 2017

In the field of data analysis, changes are coming and going more and more quickly. It... read more

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