Successfully implementing data strategy: the organizational structure

1 December 2022

In the journey toward working in a more data-driven manner, all sorts of organizational issues surface... read more

DDMA Customer Data Award Night on November 19th, 2020

29 April 2020

About the Award The field of data driven marketing is evolving fast. To honor these developments,... read more

DDMA Data Day 2019: Data, Decisions & Engagement

5 December 2018

This year Cmotions is sponsoring the DDMA Data Day once again. The leading conference focusing on... read more

From data strategy to organisational structure: organisational development in balance and people as success factors

27 November 2018

Data is nothing… But nothing is something too If you are one of the between 1... read more

Data-driven policy within the Municipality of The Hague: an interview with Hedwig Miessen

17 July 2018

As if our daily portion of “working with data” wasn’t enough, at Cmotions we are also... read more

Who’s happy about programmatic marketing?

5 July 2018

Programmatic marketing seems to be the marketing world’s equivalent of the self-driving car. What is programmatic... read more

Value-Based Healthcare Put Into Practice

9 April 2018

It isn’t a huge surprise that the concept of Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC), introduced in 2006 by... read more

Data is the new gold when it matches your vision and mission

24 January 2018

Many organisations are unable to effectively use the data they have. Data can appear to be... read more

Putting data to work in your industry!

5 July 2017

We are in a market where data, particularly big data, is seen as the proverbial holy... read more

Data as a strategy; the creation of the CAO

22 May 2017

In the field of data analysis, changes are coming and going more and more quickly. It... read more

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