How do I visualise neighborhood data on a map in R? Polygon plotting explained

7 June 2019

As a data analyst you want to provide clear cut insights for your end users, enabling... read more

Python & R vs. SPSS & SAS – comparison renewed after two years

18 February 2019

Two years ago we published an article in which we compared the four most used programmes... read more

Modelplot[R/py]: graphs to expose the business value of predictive models

8 October 2018

It will be a familiar challenge to many data scientists and data analysts: you have built... read more

Power BI vs. Qlikview vs. Tableau – which data visualisation tool should I choose (Part 2/2)

7 February 2018

In Part 1 we started our comparison of the software packages Power BI, Qlikview and Tableau.... read more

Power BI vs. Qlikview vs. Tableau – which data visualisation tool should I choose (Part 1/2)

31 January 2018

Clients often ask us which data visualisation tool or dashboarding tool is actually the ‘best’. In... read more

Data Visualisation and Predictive Modelling in SAS Visual Analytics vs. IBM Watson Analytics

22 January 2018

As data becomes increasingly important and increasingly abundant, sometimes it can be difficult to extract the... read more

Scrum en Data & Analytics; een match made in heaven?

4 October 2017

Scrum is trendy – if you want to keep up with other companies, you can’t be... read more

KNIME vs. RapidMiner

10 April 2017

There is now such a wide variety of software, some open source, for analysing data. Both KNIME and RapidMiner are... read more

Python & R vs. SPSS & SAS

9 March 2017

When we’re working for clients we mostly come across the statistical programming languages SAS, SPSS, R... read more

Learn R with Experience R Register now!

16 January 2017

As a (data) analyst, you are always thinking about how you can help your organisation to... read more

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