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How do I visualise neighborhood data on a map in R? Polygon plotting explained

7 June 2019

As a data analyst you want to provide clear cut insights for your end users, enabling... read more

Successful first match from the Match Exchange! “Who cares” helps the Eemstadboerderij City Farm

19 November 2018

With the “Who cares?” programme, Cmotions strives to make a positive contribution towards a better society.... read more

Cmotions Turns 15!

28 September 2017

On Saturday, 23 September 2017, the big day had come for our Cmotions colleagues. It promised... read more

The votes have been counted…

16 March 2017

Despite the large amount of extra work for vote tellers and the resulting delay for the... read more

Hackathon Elections a Great Success

13 March 2017

Last week a range of media reported that 75% of eligible voters were still hesitating between... read more

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