Tell me what you read: online reading segmentation for marketing personalization

12 February 2019

During the MIE event 2019 on the 7th of Februari, Margot Rozendaal (De Persgroep) and Jurriaan... read more

Cmotions Clinic on Data Science @Beeckestijn Business School

10 October 2018

When is somebody a data scientist? And how do you use data in your marketing department... read more

Who’s happy about programmatic marketing?

5 July 2018

Programmatic marketing seems to be the marketing world’s equivalent of the self-driving car. What is programmatic... read more

Newsletters and the Privacy Law: how you can become GDPR-proof

21 March 2018

“Do we actually need to do something about our newsletter, now the GDPR is here?” GDPR... read more

Marketing Marketing

9 February 2016

The word “marketing” is in my opinion one of the most frequently used words when creating... read more

Cmotions customer value lexicon – An overview of the most important marketing terminology

5 June 2015

The marketing world has a whole set of jargon of its own. Here is an explanation... read more

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