Customer Interaction

Is an assistant coach able to assess the quality of phone conversations?

19 February 2020

Quality within customer service Just like the world around us, customer service is evolving at a... read more

Meet Tailo! The Conversational Intelligence Platform for optimal customer relations

12 July 2019

Cmotions and Broad Horizon join forces with the launch of Tailo. Combining data science with the... read more

Data-driven policy within the Municipality of The Hague: an interview with Hedwig Miessen

17 July 2018

As if our daily portion of “working with data” wasn’t enough, at Cmotions we are also... read more

Who’s happy about programmatic marketing?

5 July 2018

Programmatic marketing seems to be the marketing world’s equivalent of the self-driving car. What is programmatic... read more

Value-Based Healthcare Put Into Practice

9 April 2018

It isn’t a huge surprise that the concept of Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC), introduced in 2006 by... read more

Building a bridge between the online transaction and the customer

30 January 2017

More effective marketing by combining online behaviour and customer knowledge All marketeers know they need to... read more

Personal and relevant pension communication

2 January 2017

Adapt pension communication to participant’s profile The Pension Communication Act has laid the first building blocks... read more

Customer-focused entrepreneurship: Development of a benchmark tool

1 September 2015

The social mission of the Platform voor Klantgericht Ondernemen (PvKO [Platform for Customer-focused Entrepreneurship]) is stimulating... read more

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