Big Data

Meet Tailo! The Conversational Intelligence Platform for optimal customer relations

12 July 2019

Cmotions and Broad Horizon join forces with the launch of Tailo. Combining data science with the... read more

HR Analytics Congress 2019

21 May 2019

How fact based does the Dutch HR domain operate? Slowly but surely, the Dutch HR domain... read more

DDMA Data Day 2019: Data, Decisions & Engagement

5 December 2018

This year Cmotions is sponsoring the DDMA Data Day once again. The leading conference focusing on... read more

Inspirational session on “Data-Driven Management” on 1 November in Amersfoort

16 November 2018

On Thursday 1 November at 2:00 p.m. the participants start trickling into the inspiration session on... read more

Data-directed working – how is it done

13 September 2018

What can public organisations learn from the successes and lessons learned from data-directed working in commercial... read more

Inspiration Session Data-directed working, how do you do it?

19 July 2018

On Thursday 1 November 2018 in Amersfoort we are organising an interactive inspiration session on data-directed... read more

Data-driven policy within the Municipality of The Hague: an interview with Hedwig Miessen

17 July 2018

As if our daily portion of “working with data” wasn’t enough, at Cmotions we are also... read more

PIM Meeting on Data Science: 3 July at Cmotions

22 June 2018

On 3 July there is a topical session of the PIM (Platform Innovation in Marketing) on... read more

Success with big data

9 November 2017

Since McKinsey published its study entitled “Big Data, the next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity”... read more

Big data and pensions

12 October 2017

Big data and pensions The Royal Dutch Actuarial Association hosts a lot of meetings on contemporary... read more

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