Advanced Analytics

In 2022, we are going to have a great year of celebration! Many weddings expected

21 February 2022

Plan your calendar free and make sure you have plenty of party clothes in your closet,... read more

Can you escape our “Power BI Escaperoom”?

7 April 2021

In these boring lockdown-times we are all desperately looking for ways to still interact with our... read more

Building a book recommender from scratch

1 April 2021

Almost every day we go online we encounter recommender systems; if you are listening to your... read more

Why might you want to turn Bayesian?

13 May 2020

Especially if you want to make sense of Covid-19 Are you sitting at home dreaming of... read more

Is an assistant coach able to assess the quality of phone conversations?

19 February 2020

Quality within customer service Just like the world around us, customer service is evolving at a... read more

Apply for our Nachos Hackathon!

12 February 2020

Note: this event has been postponed, read more here. Cmotions Nachos Hackathon 2020 Newspaper have told... read more

Michelin stars 2020 announced– how accurate was our prediction?

13 January 2020

Today was the moment of truth for many restaurant owners, and for us as well. The... read more

Who will receive a Michelin star…? We already know!

7 January 2020

With the festive season just behind us, you might still be stuffed from all the delicious... read more

HR Analytics Congress 2019

21 May 2019

How fact based does the Dutch HR domain operate? Slowly but surely, the Dutch HR domain... read more

Check for predictive models; how to make time for the fun stuff as a data scientist

15 May 2019

How to make time for the fun stuff as a data scientist As a data scientist... read more

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