Successful first match from the Match Exchange! “Who cares” helps the Eemstadboerderij City Farm

19 November 2018

Article written by Siri de Ruiter, Consultant

With the “Who cares?” programme, Cmotions strives to make a positive contribution towards a better society. As part of this programme, we recently became a social stakeholder in the MatchPoint foundation. This organisation promotes community social engagement among businesses in Amersfoort and recently we found our our first ‘match’.


The Match Exchange

As part of our collaboration with MatchPoint, Hanneke represented Cmotions in June at the Match Exchange. During this event, Amersfoort businesses wanting to do their bit for the local community come together with organisations and civic initiatives that have a goal, dream, wish or request for help for which they could really use input from the business people. It is here that Hanneke met Jolke from the Eemstadboerderij and this led to Cmotions’ first match!


City Farm The Eemstadboerderij

The Eemstadboerderij develops urban agriculture in Amersfoort through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). This means a direct partnership based on a mutually-dependent relationship between an individual or group of people and a farmer or group of producers, in which the risks, responsibilities and yields of the farm are shared by means of an agreement (usually for the duration of a whole season or year). The Eemstadboerderij grows vegetables and other products together with volunteers and employees from local on-the-job training company Land in Zicht.

Amersfoort residents can collect fresh, environmentally-friendly products directly from the Eemstadboerderij. Additionally, visitors and participants can go there to see how farmers do their work or to meet other people. All in all, it is a great initiative to put urban sustainable agriculture on the map!


The Match

Now you may well be wondering: how does the Eemstadboerderij “match” with Cmotions? It’s like this: Jolke had a number of questions about how to professionalise their newsletter mailing and how the GDPR legislation relates to it. Well, that is something our consultants have to deal with a lot! If you happen to want to find out more about it for yourself, take a look at our article about GDPR.

This match with the Eemstadboerderij was a great opportunity for me, Siri, to experience theory in practice. I started working at Cmotions in September, so this was a fun and also informative project to work on in my first week on the job.

On the first visit, besides farmer Jolke, I also met volunteer Margriet who looks after their communications. After identifying all the questions that they were concerned with, and of course, taking a guided tour of their vegetable garden, I set to work. What e-mail tooling would be best for the Eemstadboerderij to use to email their newsletter and how does the GDPR legislation actually work? With help from colleagues who have recently been working on this topic a lot, we were able to answer their questions.

On the second visit to the Eemstadboerderij, I explained our recommendations. This was received very enthusiastically by Jolke and Margriet. The final result includes a description of the rules that organisations must follow in order to be GDPR-proof and an explanation what this all means for the Eemstadboerderij. What’s more, their newsletter mailing (especially the administration of recipients) will be made a great deal easier by using the email tool Mailchimp. So this match provided the Eemstadboerderij with an extensive description of how they can further professionalise the sending of emails.


Do you want to know more about this subject? Please contact Siri de Ruiter using the details below

Siri de Ruiter, Consultant

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