Strategy & organization

“We have quite a lot of data, but what can I really do with it?”
“Out data strategy is clear, but how do I get everybody in the organization to follow suit?”
“We want a data-driven workflow, but what kind of staff would I need?”

What is strategy & organization?

From our specialism strategy and organizations we provide our customers with data strategies, which show the organization how to be successful with data and analytics. With this, we create a specific use of data with regard to customer relations and development of customer value, process optimization and risk minimization. By building a data-driven organization, we also make sure that all aspects of the organization are well balanced towards sustained success.

The road to creating sustained value with data

Many of our customers ask us how they can develop as a data-driven organization. But data in itself is nothing. It will only have effect when it leads to added value by optimizing customer relations, making existing workflows more efficient or by minimizing risks.

Data-driven value creation
Organizations that focus effectively on data-driven value creation have sustained success, are ready for the future and are able to continue this on their own. From our knowledge domain Strategy and Organization, taking care of this for our customers is one of our strengths. We do this by developing clear and tangible strategies with regard to a data-driven workflow, omnichannel interaction with customers and the transition towards relevant customer contact.

Direction and set-up
We give direction with vision and strategy and distinguish ourselves by making sure that it works. This means not only preparing and setting up the organization, but also bringing about the necessary changes.

Sustained success
We do this together with our customer. This means not a report to put away in a drawer, but sharing and developing competences and setting these up to enable the organization to continue independently, after we have left. This is the only way towards sustained success and to reap the benefits from the strength of data as a strategic asset.


From inspiration to plan and implementation

In the field of data strategy we work with the Target to Data model. This offers an organization guidance for targeted use of data. With the growth model for a data-driven workflow we offer insight into the way towards a more valuable use of data. It also makes clear the effort an organization has to make with regard to working staff, competences, culture, processes, infrastructure and data.

Because of our experience with each of these components, we are able to arrange for a competent working staff, the right organizational structure, an up-to-date architecture and data governance that results in reliable and workable data. We also provide the inspiration, energy and the willingness to change that is necessary to put the right things in motions.

We work these projects for many different companies in different fields, like banks and insurance companies, energy and telecom, but also educational institutions and organizations in healthcare.

When we see from analysis and insight that changes are necessary for the set-up of channels, the way in which these are connected and the customer contact that takes place within these channels, we identify these changes with an omnichannel strategy for customer contact. Right there were customer data is most effective for developing, expanding and maintaining customer relations.

In this discipline, we have worked for Argenta Nederland, SNS Bank, Moneyou and Brocacef, among others.

For our strategies and implementations and from our own expertise, we take into consideration all issues with regard to both legislation and the ethics about working with and making decisions based on data.

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