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More impact with data

Training & Courses

We help professionals to achieve more impact with data by further developing their individual knowledge and skills in a targeted and innovative way.

Our approach

We believe effective personal development happens in practice, focusing on knowledge and skills that are directly applicable and which deliver measurable results.

Target group method

Impact with data is achieved collectively. That's why we offer training courses not just for data analysts but for marketeers, managers, executives and others too.

Impact with data & analytics

Measurably developing knowledge and skills in practice

A continuous process of doing, learning and adapting, supported by varied learning methods

Modules can easily be adapted or expanded to suit your wishes or situation

In conjunction with the business, with measurable added value

Convincing with experience from practice, in terms of both knowledge and skills

Individual supervision, coaching, peer review and assessments

Components in our range of training courses

Data analysis

Turning data into insights starts with choosing and applying the right statistical methods and techniques.


An excellent analyst isn't automatically an excellent consultant. You achieve impact with data when you are able to successfully articulate data-driven advice and based on your position as a trusted consultant.


Data analysis is applied in different fields and at different levels. These training modules offer relevant business context in which a data professional can represent maximum added value.


Practical training modules for selecting and purposefully using tools for analysing (big) data for specific applications.

Combining and adapting to
your own wishes & situation

All our training courses can be adapted to the client's specific wishes and situation. Whether it's combining multiple modules into a coherent programme, training over one or more days combined with a practical case study, or an intensive programme of tuition including assessment and coaching. For these bespoke training courses we can utilise our already developed materials, further adapted or expanded to suit the client's wishes.


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