Cmotions for UNICEF: running for children in Syria

15 March 2018

On Sunday 11 March 2018, eight of our colleagues took part in the 44th edition of the NN CPC Run in The Hague. Besides having an energetic and fun day, we also raised money for UNICEF, helping to contribute towards “Education for the next Generation”. This major family event in The Hague attracts tens of thousands of runners and visitors every year. There is great interest in the fast NN Half Marathon, both nationally and internationally. But there’s much more to it than that. The NN CPC Run in The Hague can truly be described as a tradition. Last year it also once again hosted the biggest schoolchildren’s run in the Netherlands, with thousands of children from almost 100 schools.


Cmotions for UNICEF

Our colleagues ran for child refugees in and around Syria. In the Who Cares initiative at Cmotions, we are making a sporting contribution to making better lives for children in Syria. Colleagues who didn’t run did their bit by making a donation. Thank you all for your contributions!

Below you can read some great quotes from our colleagues who took part in the run. Thank you all for your efforts!

“It was a success! People recorded some great times and some even broke personal records! Thank you to the sponsors!”
Anne-Wil IJzelenberg, Consultant at Cmotions

“A splendid initiative and great exercise in the sunshine in The Hague! A great way to help charity!“
Jurriaan Nagelkerke, Principal Consultant at Cmotions

“Running is only a privilege when you have the freedom to do it – not when you have to do it to flee.”
Thom Rommens, Senior Consultant at Cmotions


Education for refugee children in Syria

The proceeds from CPC 2018 will go towards education for refugee children in and around Syria. Because what we all want for these children, in spite of the conflict and the trauma of being a refugee, is to be able to continue developing and to have opportunities for a better future. UNICEF is making that happen in reality by providing them with education. Education gives children that opportunity, but there’s so much more to it. It gives renewed structure in their lives, a sense of security and a chance to relax with children their own age. Refugee children often say they want nothing more than to go back to school. By participating in the CPC, you can give them that opportunity.


What is UNICEF doing?

UNICEF is providing temporary and safe emergency classrooms that can be set up quickly wherever children are located. In addition, UNICEF is also supplying something called a “school-in-a-box” which contains all the teaching materials needed so that children can still receive an education, in their emergency classrooms or elsewhere. Children receive good support and, if needed, are provided with psychosocial support to process trauma. UNICEF believes this gives the children a basis to carry on where they left off. After all, education offers hope and an outlook to the future for children, their families and Syria itself.

Read more about this UNICEF charitable initiative here.


2018 Activities

We will also continue through the rest of the year to organise activities whereby we can contribute to social initiatives. Especially if they’re as fun and healthy as running in the sunshine in The Hague for charity. Participants and donors, thanks again!


You can see the photos from the event below

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