Report: Winning with analytics

3 June 2015

The third edition of the Cmotions Fact-Based Marketing Tour was held on 16 April at the KLM Business Campus. Around 100 guests at Schiphol heard Google, AdviceGames and Emesa present about how they, with their prestigious fact-based marketing organisations, win with analytics and optimise their CRM strategies by applying customer data. We’ll give you a summary of the key points!

Are you a visual person? There is a video to give you another glimpse of the afternoon!


Programmatic Marketing

More and more businesses are realising that serving customers optimally comes from data-driven marketing decisions. Cmotions defines successful customer value management as finding a good balance between the customer’s value to the company and the company’s value to the customer. Search Engine Advertising (SEA) seeks to serve customers optimally with real-time bidding. In programmatic buying, advertisements are bought and sold automatically, with algorithms deciding which customers are shown which advertisements. As a search term becomes more specific and moves closer towards the end of the funnel, the more SEA there is. Joris Merks-Benjaminsen, Head of Digital Transformations at Google, explains: “The Netherlands is a nice country to work in: advanced enough to be able to do innovative things, small enough to get away with making a mistake. However, advertising in the Netherlands is relatively primitive.” That’s why Merks-Benjaminsen predicts a shift from programmatic buying towards programmatic marketing. “Within 10 years, 80% of all advertising budgets will be spent on programmatic marketing. Programmatic marketing is getting across the right message, to the right consumer, at the right time and with the right offer, evaluated on the right KPIs across the whole customer journey, using real-time data and insights.”


M-commerce overtakes E-commerce

Diederick van Thiel serves as CEO of AdviceGames, where psychology and technology meet. He has observed that customers’ activity rates fall the longer the customer relationship lasts. AdviceGames develops platforms for banks and insurance companies to ‘gamify’ their online services. Van Thiel explains: “Over the past year, 268 billion mobile applications have been downloaded worldwide and the figure keeps rising. Over the next few years, m-commerce is going to outgrow e-commerce.
The shift towards the mobile channel has been visible at Emesa too. Jochem Theunissen, CFO of Emesa, notes that 60% of the traffic on comes from mobile devices. “Large spends still tend to be made from the ‘safety’ of a desktop, but here too there is a visible shift towards the mobile channel.”


Wisdom and Freshness

In the fast-changing landscape of fact-based marketing, and the technological developments that come with it, Merks-Benjaminsen thinks there are ample opportunities both for older and new-generation fact-based marketeers. A two-way mentorship between senior management and millennials (generation-Y young professionals) can result in a unique combination of wisdom and freshness that enables an organisation to think above all in digital terms.


Gut Feeling

In 2010, Cmotions supported Emesa in providing customer data in a marketing database and linking it together with the right analyses. Proving its organisation with good-quality customer data means Emesa can offer the right auction to the right customer at any time and as well as optimising how it purchases auction lots.

“Data only becomes interesting when you know how to fillet it down to specific business recommendations,” explains Theunissen. “We are developing the self-guiding analytics function by importing data. Securing marketing intelligence and data analytics in our systems means we can avoid taking decisions based just on gut feeling.”

Having data of any quantity therefore does not guarantee success. Peter Reddering, Principal Consultant at Cmotions, gave a metaphorical presentation which struck the final chord of the Fact-Based Marketing Tour. Reddering continues: “To win with analytics requires total football. Data is key, if you don’t defend it properly you’re running after the facts.” The midfield creates links between data and the insights to put the resources to work. “Deploying resources based on the right insights and predictions means you know what is going on, do the right things at the right time and choose the most effective and efficient deployment of resources.” As Germany has reminded us of so painfully, beautiful football is not enough; goals are what matters. Reddering continues: “Ultimately you can only score if everyone aims for the same goal. Therefore coordinating the goals with the various stakeholders is the key to success.”

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this very successful event.

We look forward to seeing you next time!


Bekijk hieronder de middag terug in de aftermovie!



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