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This Monday was the last day of the R Experience course at the University of Groningen. Since this year Marketing (Intelligence) students are required to use R for assignments, where they’ve only worked with SPSS before. To kickstart their learning curve in R, we lectured the R Experience, in cooperation with the MARUG (Marketing Association at University of Groningen).

The course is intended for analysts who already know the statistics and modelling theories and principles. The goal of the course is to learn how to do this in R, instead of using tools like SPSS or SAS. In five sessions, we showed how to work with Rstudio and how to write code.

They should make this course mandatory for the study Marketing Intelligence

The first module started with an entry level introduction to writing code. In the following module we’ve touched how Rstudio works, how to import data and how to use functions. In the next modules data manipulation and preparation (like missing values, outliers, correlations and near zero variance) were discussed. In the last sessions we showed how to use the caret package to train lots of different kind of models with minor changes in code.

Very clear explanation and definitely added value for every Marketing Intelligence Student

We were amazed by the enthusiasm of the group, students were on Facebook, but instead of looking at their timeline, they used it to send code to each other via Messenger. Also reactions in the feedback forms were very positive, with an average grade of 8.5/10 and no one who wouldn’t recommend the course to fellow students, we consider the course as a great success. Next year, we’ll definitely do this again!

Jeroen Kromme
Consultant & Data Scientist at Cmotions
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