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Is there a need for speed, tangible results and alignment on data-driven working? Within 9 weeks we bring you up to speed with our proven approach and professional tools.

In this Quickstart, we connect your data sources to a future-proof data platform and generate new insights with Power BI dashboards and data analytics. We support key users in working with data and with co-creating a business-driven roadmap, to grow and monetise insights in your organisation.

Why you should consider this Quickstart

The Quickstart approach

We believe in fast results with future-proof solutions. In the Quickstart, we make sure you can use dashboards and insights within three weeks. After setting up your own Azure data platform and connecting your most important data, we visualize your first KPIs in a Power BI dashboard. Additionally, our data scientists create new insights with e.g. customer segmentation or a predictive model.

After that, we guide and train your key users to work with these insights, inspire them and gather new requirements. We provide input for an actionable roadmap and backlog for further growth.

High-level solution

Proven Microsoft technology

To provide you with a sustainable and scalable solution, we are big fans of Microsoft’s Azure and Power BI platform solutions. These platforms give you many opportunities to accelerate, attract and retain data talent and use the global knowledge community at your own speed and with 100% ownership.

To connect, refresh, and transform your data, we like to use Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics. This is a suite that can handle all (big) data types from in- and external sources. Synapse uses proven technologies like SQL, Python, Databricks and Azure DevOps. To visualize, share and use reports and dashboards we prefer Power BI. This enables both (centralized) enterprise BI and (decentralized) self-service BI.

”The quickstart with Cmotions really helped us to gain confidence in working with data. We got results fast, which led to enthusiasm, belief and new ideas.”Manager fundraising & CRM – Nonprofit organisation

These are your results after the Quickstart

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