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5 July 2017

Article written by Peter Reddering, Principal Consultant

We are in a market where data, particularly big data, is seen as the proverbial holy grail. Also, more and more new intelligent data methods and techniques are coming thick and fast. As a consultancy firm in the field of data science and data-driven business optimisation, you might think that with all the options available you could directly offer generic solutions for any problem. Nothing could be further from the truth. Data will only work for you when you know how to turn it into the right insights in the right context. In particular, where it contributes towards the objectives and challenges that are often specific to different industries.


Differentiated industry approach

Based on our own experience with both for-profit and non-profit organisations, it has been shown that there is a substantial “gap” between an issue (be it latent or otherwise) and the actual data and analyses necessary to make the right decisions. When we look at the growing number of strategic assignments we are carrying out for our clients, we are seeing that it is becoming increasingly important to take a more differentiated approach to the market. Alongside commercial organisations, we are increasingly serving the public sector, including healthcare institutions, government bodies and municipalities. Here too we see a growing demand to take better strategic decisions based on data and insights.

An organisation that is still rather unfamiliar with data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and marketing automation often fails to see the full potential of such options. Alternatively, the organisation is still struggling with the transformation towards taking concrete actions and brushing the organisation up to do so.

With a differentiated industry approach, we are choosing to bring our services even “closer” to our clients. As well as the solutions that we offer for issues that recur in many industries, we also zoom in on the specific challenges within a certain industry and what value we can offer in terms of data and data-driven decision-making.



The government, for example, collects and processes a lot of data about its citizens simply by performing its natural operational role. This data could include phone calls, rulings, appeals and interactions on the website. Turning this data into knowledge about the path that citizens travel down opens up opportunities to make processes more efficient and more customer focused. With our government proposition, we make sure that citizens only have to supply their information once, that they can find information online that is tailor-made for them, and that redundant work is eliminated. Read more about the industry-specific proposition for Government.



In healthcare, there is demand for greater insight into where patients come from in order to use that insight to influence the intake of patients itself and be able to better estimate healthcare production. The emphasis is also increasingly shifting from the hospital alone towards the entire healthcare chain, hence the need for better insights into the full chain. With our “Referral Scan” and “Healthcare Production Forecasting Model”, we shape a patient-driven approach which enables resources to be put to optimum use. Read more about the industry-specific proposition for Healthcare Providers.


Together with the client

We will continue to develop this market and client approach in the future. Together with our clients, as a continuous process to better reflect them and the challenges in specific industries. We anticipate that organisations that aim for data-driven working will get a clearer picture of what data, especially big data, can do for them. This “transformation” is important, not only for commercial players but in the public sector too, in order to take the right steps and take action.


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