Project Friday 3.2 – The virtual voice assistant with voice recognition

21 February 2019

In our previous post we discussed what happens when you put six data scientists together for a weekend, in an apartment in Luik (Belgium). You end up with a virtual voice assistant, we call Willybot. Willybot understands us when we ask him to schedule a meeting. He checks the agenda of everybody involved and schedules an appointment for the first opportunity where everybody is available. Is it also possible to eliminate these boring meetings and getting cramped fingers from taking notes? Again, we went looking for technical limitations.


The sequel …

After Luik, we weren’t completely satisfied. We set a new target to discover new possibilities. So we booked a location in Utrecht and went to work again. On this afternoon, we developed a new application. This enables you to put your phone on the table during a meeting and record everything with Telegram, which is an alternative to Whatsapp. The recording is then sent to our virtual voice assistant. He checks the colleagues who were present during the meeting, converts the audio recording into written text and sends a summary of the meeting by email, as well as a to-do list for each participant.


But wait, there’s more!

Are you in a meeting that drains all the energy from you and everyone around you? Are you in great need for a coffee, espresso or cappuccino? Or maybe you prefer a small snack? Willybot takes care of it for you! He sends your order to the coffee machine, or orders sandwiches at your local lunchroom. When you use party mode, your Friday afternoon automatically changes into a festive occasion to close out the week. Check this video to see our virtual voice assistant in action.


Willybot really makes it happen!

Ask Willybot to schedule an appointment and it checks the agenda of everyone involved for the first opportunity. Ask Willybot to take notes and he will send an email with a summary – with spoken word converted to text – to all participants. Willybot is also connected to our coffee machine. Ask him kindly to make an espresso and he will comply. Hungry? Tell him your order and he will pass it on to your local lunchroom.

Want to know how we did this? Get in touch and joins us for a cup of coffee, made by Willybot. We are more than happy to tell you all about it!


This virtual voice assistant is part of what we call Project Friday. We use this initiative for projects that do not necessarily have to be profitable and that will let us expand our knowledge about A.I. and Machine Learning. These are the projects that make us really happy. We started this particular project because we wanted to learn more about voice recognition and text analysis. We are proud of the results, also because all application in the video actually work.

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