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A month ago we started with ‘Project Friday’; once a month we’ll lock some colleagues in a room with a couple of beers and a fun project. This project: give a coffeemachine a brain and an eye, so it can see who’s standing in front of the machine and knows what he/she wants. Why do we do this? Well, because it’s fun.

This friday we made some significant progress, first of all we didn’t short circuit the arduino board, which we accomplished in the first ten minutes the previous time. We managed to reverse engineer some of the buttons of the circuitboard of the coffee machine and after learning about the transistors and relays, we managed to “push” a few of the buttons of the machine using the arduino. We bought a cheap solder around the corner of the office and soldered the first three buttons.

Meanwhile, on the Raspberry we succeeded extracting faces from the images using HAAR cascades, when multiple faces are detected it selects the biggest one. Face Recognition consists of two parts: detection (where in image / frame is a face) and recognition (to whom belongs that face). The first part works, for the second part we had some trouble installing libraries, apparently this takes a long time!

Next time, we’re going to solder the rest of the buttons and program the arduino, create trainingsdata by taking pictures of ourselves and try to train the first algorithms.


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