The development of an insights hub for a more user-friendly information flow

When you approach a random person in a shopping street and ask them to show their ICI PARIS XL loyalty card, the chances are high that they are able to. ICI PARIS XL, which is a part of A.S. Watson Benelux, has almost 300 affiliates spread across the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, and has the ambition to keep growing. A part of their growing strategy is a better, even more effective and personal market, customer, and business approach by using proactive analyses and data science. Cmotions was employed, and together with ICI PARIS XL, they brought their data-driven way-of-working to the next level. The collaboration was awarded with the ICI PARIS XL Innovation award, which was handed out during the business review at the end of the year.


Personal offers during Family & Friends, Black Friday and Mother’s day

That exact shade of lipstick, the most popular perfume in the app, or personalized offers via e-mail: ICI PARIS XL is no rookie when it comes to data-driven marketing. They have a lot of experience in this domain, and have been using their generated knowledge for years on end. The challenge is to keep using this knowledge correctly and to make it comprehensible for the entire organization, in order to make sure that every department uses the same insights.

Growing pains

In the past few years, ICI PARIS XL has made big leaps when it comes to working in a data-driven manner. By making information about the CRM-program, campaigns (online and offline) and sales channels accessible and by combining these insights, it becomes easier and easier to communicatie with customers in a personalized manner. However, after some time, it becomes harder to keep track of what information is available, where the information is available and how it can be used.

Information gap

Employees who are involved and have an affinity with data from the start, often know how to find their way. However, it becomes increasingly difficult and time-consuming for other (newer) employees to find the correct numbers, and interpret those numbers. The challenge is to keep developing with the first group of employees, while simultaneously not losing track of the second group of employees, both literally and figuratively.

In addition, you can develop faster if you are able to save time with providing insight into and searching for the right information. Consequently, this allows you to use the saved time to interpret the numbers.

“Our supply of dashboards and sources of information is enormous, but organized in a way that’s not very accessible or structured.” – Caro Jehoul: CRM Analyst Benelux

Assignment: an accessible provision of information

In order to make the provision of information more accessible, Cmotions created an Insights hub (in Sharepoint) in collaboration with ICI PARIS XL.

All information is collected in this hub, and the information is made applicable by:

  • A logical navigation based on background and question. With three clicks, the operations manager is able to find out which stores are behind on the newly made members cards compared to the target.
  • Highlighting reports with a certain theme throughout the year. For example, think about ‘promoting’ the Black Friday campaign evaluation report, in preparation of the new campaign.
  • Instruction videos and training for the usage and application of reports.
  • The ability to easily ask questions about information in the hub.

“Thanks to the Insights hub, colleagues now know how to quickly find their way to the information they need” – Marieke Pothof: CRM Manager Benelux

ICI Paris XL Innovation award

For the development of the Insights hub, Caro Jehoul won the ICI PARIS XL Innovation award. This award is given out yearly for the ICI PARIS XL employee with the most innovative idea.

“The collaboration with Coen van der Snoek (Cmotions) was very enjoyable. He conveyed his experience and expertise in a pleasant manner in our organization and was an active and reliable partner in finding solutions and improvements”

Caro JehoulCRM Analyst at ICI PARIS XL
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